Date range for table calculation

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    Sometimes we need to display table calculation filtered on date range without ignoring the fields that out of range ...


    For example if I want to display running total of sum(sales) from June to December without ignoring sales before June and consider it as initial value for the running calculation...


    Applying dimension filter on date range will eliminate records that doesn't fall in that range, so all sales operations before June will be eliminated ... There is a solution for this problem by using fixed (LOD) to calculate the eliminated values and add it to the table calculation, it will be something like this:





    Another solution is to add a table calculation on date field:


    and apply it on cell level, this will return the date of the partition. Now we can use it for filtration to eliminate the out of range field from the VIZ, without eliminating their effect.


    The below image show running sales in a period considering the sales before it in calculation:



    and here is the workbook from Public


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    Tableau Version: 10.4


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    haitham Farouk