Announcing Hyper with Tableau 10.5 beta

Version 3

    Say hello to Hyper. You’ve heard about it. You’ve seen the demo. And today, it’s ready for you to try out in Tableau 10.5 beta. Our Hyper technology (patent pending) brings faster data refreshes and query performance to Tableau extracts, plus increased scalability in a platform-wide update.



    But that’s not all. Tableau 10.5 also brings you viz in tooltip, allowing you to add visualizations to tooltips for better context. Plus, take charge of your content with flexible project control and improved workbook version compatibility. You can also rename workbooks, so everyone finds the analytics they need.


    Share and collaborate on findings more easily with subscription messages and the ability to subscribe users in groups. And last but not least, IT administrators can more efficiently deploy Tableau Desktop at scale with automated Tableau Desktop license activation.


    Download Tableau 10.5 beta.


    Read the full blog on the Tableau site here: Announcing Hyper with Tableau 10.5 Beta


    From the Ideas Forum the following ideas from the Tableau community are now in beta:

    More Subfolders in Project Folder

    Chart functionality within Tooltip

    Embedded sheet/dashboard in tooltip

    Add 'Saveas X.X' & 'Saveas Y.Y' to this Warning...

    'Save As' Versioned Format (v. 10.5)

    Backward compatibility (v. 10.5)

    Linux server version


    The following ideas are now planned. We have no dates to share for when these will get into beta or released, but we are excited to share what we are working on:

    Create Groups in Server Web Editor

    "Excel Like" Sorting - like a child's play (v. 11.x)

    Include a ruler for alignment (v. 11.x)

    Sizing guides (ruler, gridlines) on dashboard

    Allow arrow (nudge) movement of floating objects on a dashboard

    Support Spatial Objects in Databases

    Spatial Join (v. 11.0)

    Population Density Mapping