Replayer Installation guide

Version 14

    This page covers how to install Replayer to process tableau server logs to prepare ReplayFile and playback user traffic on Tableau server.


    Replayer has dependency on Logshark, please follow the instructions to setup postgres for logshark and optionally mongodb. After setting up logshark dependency you are all set to copying binaries and running them.

    There are 2 ways of running logshark

    a) Replayer.*.zip has a folder called logshark which has all the setting to run logshark.exe (Recommended).

    b)If logshark was installed from above github link then please copy the "ReplayCreation.dll" to "plugins" directory to get ReplayCreation plugin to be loaded.



    Download the attached file to local directory and follow the instructions given in "Using Replayer"  to starting using it.