Replayer Installation guide

Version 19

    This page covers how to install Replayer to process tableau server logs to prepare ReplayFile and playback user traffic on Tableau server.


    Replayer has dependency on Logshark for processing the logs and creating ReplayFile, download logshark 3.0.1 or higher which has ReplayCreation plugin in it. please follow the instructions to setup Logshark and optionally mongodb. After setting up logshark dependency you are all set to generating Replay file.


    In order to use run Replayer with Tabjolt download latest tabjolt from tabjolt github page and follow the details on this page for running the tool.


    General usage of Replayer can be found at "Using Replayer".


    what new in Replayer.2.0

    • Traffic multiplication for capacity planning has more realistic pattern as original traffic.
    • Vizzes updated which allows comparison of more than two Replay runs.
    • Replayer is also integrated with Tabjolt to take advantage of database, jmeter and other perf counter collection etc.
    • Run Replayer with many user account
    • Options to run with or without shared session cache and refresh cache.
    • Many bug fixes.
    • ReplayCreation plugin is part of official logshark release.


        Replayer 2.1

    • Bug fixes- hang reported by customer which happens when run at scale.