TC17 Interactive Schedule Builder

Version 2

    I am still not really thrilled with the search and filter capabilities for the TC17 Schedule on the  website.  So I dusted of my schedule builder to create a new viz.



    I did connect this viz to the web data connector and this time I was able to create it without relying on an excel cheater sheet to force the rank and group the speakers (thank you TC16).  So basically you should be able to refresh and get the most recent data. Only caveat is that as of today the room data for events are all marked as TBD they have been like that for about a week.(now up to date)  You can still build your schedule though and refresh the last day and that info should be populated.  For some reason this viz does not look exactly right on tableau public so I would encourage downloading and working with the data from there.  Might be a good plane activity.


    Hope you enjoy it.




    Here is what the workbook and printable pdf are supposed to look like:


    Interactive Scheduletc17.png


    .. and printed output...


    Printable Schedule-tc17pg2.png