Dashboard filter holding a particular value when published on server

Version 1

    I have a workbook where I need to update two filter prompts weekly. Recently in order to save time I tried to automate this action. I created one calculated field and scripted it accordingly, then i dragged that calculated field into the filter marks card for filtering out my required week. Now the issue that I am facing is, when I work in tableau desktop the thing works fine but the moment I deploy the workbook on server it keeps holding a particular value. One more unusual thing is the value that the filter is holding by default is not affected by the fact, I check/un-check that value in the filter drop down. Alongside this problem every other value that I select shows me the combined data of the value that I select plus the value the filter is holding by default. Having said this I would like to mention that all functionalities work absolutely fine in tableau desktop but the issue is occurring only when I publish the dashboards in server.


    Kindly suggest me suitable ways to overcome this..issue.