Playing with Dates in Tableau (all attachments)

Version 1

    Hello -

    In June 2017 at TC TUG, I talked about how to play with dates in tableau and use the full potential of how tableau looks at dates. Alex Cook shared my workbook, but unfortunately I only sent him a twb and not the twbx. Rookie mistake.


    As Anne Chalstrom, pointed out (and hunted me down at last TUG) - some of the data sets, like Holidays.xlsx was missing from what I had previously shared.


    Allow me to fix my social skills and this post has the right twbx along with the data sets. Let me know if you have questions


    bonus: workbook that shows how to create Year over Year compare with last N weeks as filter (a question that was raised to me at June TUG)


    now, go forth and conquer (dates)!