VizAlerts 2.1.0 Released

Version 2

    I'm happy to report that the next version of VizAlerts is now available.

    Don't let the fact that it's not labeled "v3.0" fool you. The features in this release are big, and with them, we believe VizAlerts has become a truly "zen" way to build alerts and custom reports with Tableau. We hope you enjoy them! To upgrade from v2.0.1, see the install guide.


    Alert Criteria is a Calc
    No need to hide all your data anymore. Encapsulate your alert criteria into the Email Action or SMS Action calculation instead!

    Smart Notification Defaults
    "Required" fields to send email are a thing of the past. All fields are now optional. Sending an alert to an email distribution list is as simple as dragging Email Action and a customized Email To field out onto the Detail shelf. Customize the subject by adding the Email Subject field. It's a liberating experience!

    Schedule alerts to run "when the extract refreshes"
    If you've wanted to run your VizAlerts when the extracts in the workbook they're a part of refresh, you've got your wish. The administrator may now set up two schedules; one for Refresh Success and one for Refresh Failure. Subscribe to either or both of those, and your VizAlert will run when the extract(s) in the workbook refresh.

    Multithreaded Notifications
    Previous versions of VizAlerts could take a while to process alerts that generated hundreds of emails or SMS messages. No longer. The administrator can now crank up alert throughput on an alert-by-alert basis simply by specifying the number of threads to use in the VizAlertsConfig workbook.

    Python no longer required
    Tired of installing a bunch of other software on your machine? Don't know and don't want to know what "pip" is? We've got your back. Thanks to help from one of our Tableau developers, John Buscher, VizAlerts can now be run as a single binary executable.

    Use the VizAlertsDemo workbook to build your alerts
    We took a lot of tips and tricks we've learned over the years building VizAlerts and integrated them into the VizAlertsDemo workbook, which replaces the "helper" published data source used previously. The workbook now contains a Start sheet, with links to documentation, videos, and a sheet to help you get started building your own alerts.

    Plus, plenty of bug fixes and smaller features!:

    • Updated to support the latest Twilio library (Issue #107)
    • Fixed the ability to point to a custom yaml configuration file (Issue #120)
    • Fixed issue with VizAlertsDemo SMS tests (Issue #105)
    • Fixed problem where links in VizAlerts did not use https when server was using SSL (Issue #100)
    • Moved Install Guide from .docx format to Markdown (Issue #79)
    • Documentation updates (Issues #112, #109, #106, #104, #102)
    • Updated vizalerts.yaml file for Tableau Server running on non-standard ports (Issue #101)