Configure the Oracle Client to Use SSL with Tableau

Version 1

    Starting in version 10.4, you can use SSL to connect Tableau to your Oracle data. To use SSL when you connect, you must complete the following configurations for the Oracle client.

    1. Set the ORACLE_HOME environment variable to point to the location where you installed the Oracle Database Client.
    2. Locate your Oracle Wallet, or create a new one using Oracle Wallet Manager. Oracle Wallet is commonly located at <ORACLE_HOME>\owm\wallets\<username>.
    3. Make sure that Auto Login is enabled on the Wallet menu in the Oracle Wallet Manager.
    4. Edit the <ORACLE_HOME>\network\admin\sqlnet.ora file to include the Oracle Wallet location information that you identified in step 2.
    5. Use the orapki utility to add a certificate to Oracle Wallet. Ask your Oracle database administrator for a certificate if you don't have one.

    For information about connecting Tableau to your Oracle data, see Oracle in the User Help.