How was saved our clinician a days' worth of work - Check out my latest blog on the value of exporting to PDF

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    At Southern Health this week one of our clinicians had a light bulb moment; she was trying to export data from a viz that had a scroll bar active on Tableau Server. It made her week when I shared with her the simple Tableau export to PDF options available and how she could export all of the scrollable data into a single PDF using the export 'Sheets in Dashboard' option.


    Sometimes it's the simple things that make the biggest difference to our users so I thought it would be helpful to focus my latest blog post on the export to PDF functionality, sharing what are the pros and cons of each option and how each option may be helpful to Tableau Server users:


    Thank you; you've just saved me a days' worth of work - Exporting to PDF, really?!!


    I hope you find it useful.