Scaling Tableau 10 series

Version 6

    After I posted governance self-service 10 serials, I received a lot of positive feedback. I am encouraged to put together another series - Scaling Tableau 10 series which details most important technical implementation that need to be done to scale Tableau from team to department, and from department to enterprise.


    If you follow the tips/approaches in of those two serials, you should not have any problems to deploy Tableau at enterprise with 1,000+ publishers on 200+ core server cluster that supports 10,000 extracts/day, 10,000 unique active users/week with 2-3 million clicks/month:


    1. SCALING TABLEAU (1/10) – VERSION CONTROL AND REVISION HISTORY :  How to decide how many revisions to keep on server to balance the need of revision control and have  peace of mind about server storage.
    2. SCALING TABLEAU (2/10) – SET EXTRACT PRIORITY BASED ON DURATION: How to set extract priority dynamically to achieve 70% extract efficiency. This is one of the most important things to scale Tableau in enterprise.
    3. SCALING TABLEAU (3/10) – USE PUBLISHED DATA SOURCES: How to leverage published data sources to achieve single source of truth, less workload to EDW and better data governance. See slides and recording.
    4. SCALING TABLEAU (4/10) – USE SITES: What are the common site use cases and how to govern sites.
    5. SCALING TABLEAU (5/10) – LICENSE MANAGEMENT: How to get most out of your Tableau licenses, how to manage your Desktop licenses and server licenses by using V10 new features.
    6. SCALING TABLEAU (6/10) – ROW LEVEL SECURITY: This blog explains various options of managing row level security in Tableau.  This topic was presented at Server Admin User Group. See more recent post with slides and workbooks.
    7. SCALING TABLEAU (7/10) – UNDERSTAND SERVER PERMISSIONS: This is a deep dive about Tableau permissions from site role to project level, workbook level, data source and view level permission settings, and best practices.  This topic was presented at Server Admin User Group. See slides and recording (recording from 27 min onwards).
    8. SCALING TABLEAU (8/10) – LEVERAGE V10 FEATURES FOR ENTERPRISE: How to leverage those V10 new features to scale Tableau to enterprise.
    9. SCALING TABLEAU (9/10) – CONTROL DESKTOP UPGRADE: How to hack Tableau's control product updates and make it work for actual upgrade. Working code included.
    10. SCALING TABLEAU (10/10) – ARCHITECTURE & AUTOMATION: Practice guide on your Tableau server architecture and automation work.