Use dashboard actions to email data

Version 1

    I presented on behalf of Cargill last week at the June Twin Cities Tableau User Group.


    Unfortunately I was unable to share my content publicly, but I received several questions on how I passed data from the dashboard to an email.


    It's actually pretty simple! When you create a new dashboard action, you select URL (instead of the more commonly used filter/highlight).


    You then use the HTML mailto: command to do the rest!

    I made mine super fancy using the following Mailto: command...

    mailto:?subject=<Parameters.User Selected Dimension> past due orders&body=%0DPast due is when the <Parameters.Delivery Date Type> Delivery Date is after the Goods Receipt Date (Most Recent).%0D%0D<Parameters.User Selected Dimension> Code | <Parameters.User Selected Dimension> Description | # of Past Due Orders | Percent of Total Orders%0D<ATTR(Email Action)>


    In that script the data all comes through the <ATTR(Email Action)> calculated field that just concentates all my data fields:


    The parameter just passes the string containing which delivery date the user had specified.


    It populates an email like this. It's obviously not perfect, especially the formatting, but it's a start.


    Feel free to comment if you have any questions!