Tableau Reference Sheet: Marketing Analytics

Version 8

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    Marketers are swimming in data – from tracking social media trends to building brand loyalty through relevant and thought-provoking content.


    Leverage these Marketing Analytics resources, in addition to the Course Curriculum modules found in our Tableau for Teaching User Community, to help get your students up and running with Tableau. A PDF of this content can be downloaded at the bottom of the document.

    Getting Started

    1. Request instructor, student and computer lab keys through the Tableau for Teaching Program.
    2. Join our Tableau for Teaching User Community (Note: login first) to access teaching resources, collaborate with other instructors teaching with Tableau, and share teaching materials that you develop.
    3. Watch, interact and learn how to work with Tableau Desktop with the Desktop Starter Kit.


    Sample Tableau Workbooks

    Instruct your students to download these workbooks to reverse engineer the views built with the subject-specific data extracted in Tableau.


    This dashboard uses website Traffic Trends Google Analytics Data and Content Analysis Google Analytics Data. Workbook available for download. Find more resources on Website Analytics here.


    A combinations of several views which track specific terms used in ads over time, by click through rate (CTR) and by cost per click (CPC). Workbook available for download.


    This dashboard ranks Twitter content by key metrics including number of posts, impressions, and retweets. Workbook is available for download.



    Assign this subject-specific webinar for your class to watch before working with Tableau.


    Tableau shares examples of real marketing dashboards we use internally to drive world class marketing programs (56 min.).


    Additional Reading