Tableau Reference Sheet: Accounting and Finance

Version 15

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    Leverage these Accounting and Finance resources, in addition to the ready-made course curriculum modules found in our Tableau for Teaching User Community, to help get your students up and running with Tableau. You can download this reference sheet as a PDF at the bottom of the document.


    Getting Started

    1. Request instructor, student and computer lab keys through the Tableau for Teaching Program.
    2. Join our Tableau for Teaching User Community to access teaching resources, collaborate with other instructors teaching with Tableau, and share teaching materials that you develop. Note: The Tableau for Teaching User Community is a private group for qualified instructors in the Tableau for Teaching program. You must be signed in to the Tableau website to request access.
    3. Watch, interact and learn how to work with Tableau Desktop with the Starter Kit.


    Sample Tableau Workbooks

    Instruct your students to download these workbooks to reverse engineer the views built with the subject-specific data extracted in Tableau.


    Workbooks available to download.


    Download this sample workbook to view business sales performance by product mix, channel and region. Workbook available for download.


    This workbook contains a dashboard income statement for CFO analysis, with profit and loss data broken out by business segment. Workbook available for download.


    Great example from a Tableau Workshop presented by Paul Lisborg, Manager of Business Intelligence & Analytics at Oldcastle Architectural.



    Assign these subject-specific webinars for your class to watch before working with Tableau.


    Tableau finance leaders will share how they unlock insights with executive data dashboards for travel and expenses, financial planning, purchasing, accounts receivable and internal controls (55 min.).


    Learn common data sources used in Finance departments, how you can connect to different data sources, and built out your views. Note: audio begins at min. 1:30 (30 min.).


    Additional Reading

    Northeastern University Executive Professor, Charlie Bame-Aldred, and Lecturer, Bill Goldman, founded the HUB of Analytics Education to provide free accounting data sets, assignments and other resources for class.


    The EYARC provides free, leading-edge resources to prepare students for the fast-changing, global marketplace.


    Written by Amy Igou (University of Northern Iowa) and Martin Coe (Western Illinois University), this case offers a data analytics learning activity structured for Accounting Information Systems courses. Request to receive the full text, or access through a university library.