RefreshExtractFailure Alerting using Powershell

Version 2

    We recently started administration for a Tableau Server 10.2 environment and one thing that troubled us was the absence of any alerting mechanism. In case Refresh Extract Fails the admin team had no option of knowing about it. So scouring the community we found solutions using Vizalerts and Toby Erkson's fantastic posts on this. But sadly we did not have any Python in the box and it was difficult to get it installed. We only had powershell.

    The solution attacehd here is builtĀ  on Toby Erkson's approcah but using powershell. A guide doc has been provided to help in using it. Workbook was built in desktop 10.1. The solution will check for refresh extracts every 15 minutes and send out an email in case there is an error.

    Please suggest changes as necessary. (135.2 KB) Download