Calgary TUG Meeting/Workshop was a Success

Version 1

    First ever, 'Talk Tableau Challenges - Workshop: Working through your Tableau Challenges' meeting was a success.  Thanks to everyone for bringing us some challenges they were currently struggling with and allowing us to work through them in small groups.  We were able to work through a number of challenges in the 4 different breakout sessions, thanks to the volunteers (experts) at each table and to all the attendees who contributed, in what looked like 4 very interactive and fully engaged groups.  Very nice; the feedback was 'Again!', so we will incorporate this format intermittently into our regular scheduled meetings.  Please don't hesitate to share further feedback.


    Many thanks to Fuyo Watanabe, Eric Liong, Jason Scarlett and Brandi Gutfriend for taking the time and taking on the challenge to be our Tableau experts.


    Look for posts from our experts on some of the challenges worked through in last nights meeting.


    Hope to see everyone in September for our next meeting.  Enjoy your Summer.