Creating a MySQL Linux instance in Amazon EC2

Version 4

    Please read: Work with your IT team or DBA before performing the below steps, as they are outside of the scope of Tableau Technical Support. We've made this information available as a TabWiki Document because the information might be valuable, but some steps may vary due to third party product changes and specfic environments.


    These steps should be followed for use cases which involve a greater level of DBA tuning than RDS.  To set up a simple RDS instance of MySQL see Creating a MySQL DB Instance and Connecting to a Database on a MySQL DB Instance - Amazon Relational Database Service .


    Connecting to a MYSQL database hosted in AWS.

    1. Launch a Linux VM on Amazon console.
    2. Click "Review and launch".
    3. Select "Create new key pair".
    4. Give it a name (for example, testkeypair) and then click on download.
    5. Once the key is downloaded, click "Launch Instances".
    6. On the Launch Status page, click the helpful resource "How to connect to Linux instance"
    7. Then, click the link "Connecting to your Linux instance using SSH" and read the documentation.
    8. In the PuTTY key generator, load testkeypair.pem previously saved
    9. In PuTTY key generator, save to private key testkeypair.ppk.
    10. Using Putty.exe, expand SSH > click Auth > load the testkeypair.ppk file
    11. Using Putty.exe, click Session > paste the DNS name of the instance > Name the connection (for example: test) > Click Save
    12. After saving the connection , double click to open it
    13. In the prompt:
      1. Insert the the universal username to connect using your key pair: type, login as: name-user
      2. Install MySQL Server by typing: sudo yum install mysql-server
      3. Start MySQL Server: sudo /sbin/service mysqld start
      4. Secure MySQL server installation: sudo /usr/bin/mysql_secure_installation
        • Ensure to answer carefully to each question
      5. Log in to MySQL as root: mysql -u root -p
      6. Grant user root access to connect from everywhere: GRANT ALL ON *.* to root@'%' IDENTIFIED BY 'test';
    14. Install MySQL Workbench and create a test Schema and a test Table to successfully connect from Tableau Desktop


    Note: Login and update the above information if Menus/Options evolve, or if the above information is incorrect.