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Version 4

    While we try to minimize friction you might experience with this tool, and make improvements wherever we can, we can't always fix everything immediately, or smooth the installation process without a good amount of work. So here's a compilation of common issues that pop up, in the hopes that you can use the info to quickly resolve any issues.



    Troubleshooting Installation:



    It cannot be repeated enough: Follow the instructions in the install guide carefully! It pays to pay attention to detail. You'll make your life easier.



    • ImportError: No module named requests (or twilio or phonenumbers)
      • This means that either you didn't use "pip install" to install the Python modules VizAlerts need, or that the installation of the modules failed.
      • See here or here or here for examples of others who've solved this.


    • Exception was raised loading the config file .\config\vizalerts.yaml: Something something 'yaml.scanner.ScannerError'
      • The config\vizalerts.yaml file is in YAML format, which can be a bit picky. The most common issue is that a TAB character is added somewhere, which YAML does not like. Find it and remove it.
      • See here or here for examples.


    • HTTPError generating trusted ticket
      • This typically means that VizAlerts can't talk to Tableau Server at all. Things to check include:
        • Did you mis-type the server name in config\vizalerts.yaml?
        • Did you leave server.ssl on "false" in config\vizalerts.yaml when your server actually requires a secure connection?
        • Is your Server running on a non-default port (e.g. not 80 or 443?). If so, append the port number to your server value in config\vizalerts.yaml like so: server: myserver:81
        • Is a firewall or other network setting blocking your requests? Try to connect to Tableau Server via a web browser from the machine you're running VizAlerts on.
      • See here or here or here for relevant threads.


    • Error generating trusted ticket. Value of ticket is -1
      • This issue means that VizAlerts is asking Tableau Server for a ticket, and it wouldn't give it to us because something was wrong. Usually this is a problem of the server.user value in config\vizalerts. It should be simply the alias of the user in Tableau Server you want to connect with. "mcoles", for example. server.user.domain should be the domain that the user account lives in--e.g., "tableau.com".
      • If you still can't figure it out, follow the instructions here  -- the Server logs will tell you exactly what the issue is.


    • Invalid regular expression found
      • One of the regular expressions in your VizAlertsConfig.twb fields is likely not correct (typically allowed_recipient_addresses, or allowed_from_address). Don't know what a regular expression is? That's okay! The bare minimum you need to know is that a regular expression describes a pattern that is used to match text. We use them in the VizAlertsConfig workbook to give you flexibility in deciding what email address(es) you want to allow it to send to, and from. Here are some easy examples for, say, the allowed_recipient_addresses setting:
        • mcoles@tabloosoftware\.com  - The "." character in regex means "any single character", and we want it to mean a real period character. So we add the "\" character in front of it, which means "treat this as a literal '.' character, please". The result will be that VizAlerts can only email "mcoles@tabloosoftware.com"
        • jdrummey@databloockconsulting\.com|mcoles@tabloosoftware\.com  - The "|" character in regex means "OR", so this translates to allowing VizAlerts to sending mail only to "jdrummey@databloockconsulting.com" or "mcoles@tabloosoftware.com".
        • .*@tabloosoftware\.com|.*@tabloo\.com - The "*" character in regex means "whatever the previous character was, as many times as you like", so because "." means "any character", it's effectively a wildcard, and translates to allowing VizAlerts to sending mail to any address with the domain "tabloosoftware.com" or "tabloo.com"
      • You can test out your own regular expressions at http://regexr.com/



    Troubleshooting Alerts:


    • HTTP error getting vizdata Code: 406 Reason: Not Acceptable
      • This is actually a problem with the viz that VizAlerts was trying to access, rather than an issue with VizAlerts. It basically means that that Tableau Server couldn't render it properly. Reasons can be any of the following:
        • The view was published without embedded credentials in the data source, so it is expecting VizAlerts to provide them--which it can't do. Re-publish your viz with embedded password.
        • The view can't connect to the data connection at all--the back-end database it connects to may be down, for example.
        • The view has a bad calculation in it that prevents it from rendering.
        • There's a problem with Tableau Server itself. Check the health of your server.
        • The subscriber to the VizAlert does not have permission to access the view anymore. Grant access to them, or disable their alert.

    • HTTP error getting vizdata Code: 404 Reason: Not Found
      • This typically occurs because there's a content reference in your Advanced alert that is trying to pull in information from a viz that doesn't exist. Fix the content reference. In particular, make sure you're using the URL version of the workbook and view name, not the actual "pretty" name. Easy way to tell what to put in the content reference is by looking at the url in your browser:

              ...so in this case, getting the image of that viz and adding it to your alert would be VIZ_IMAGE(MyWorkbook/MyView)


    • Timeout error. Could not retrieve vizdata from url ____ within N seconds, after M tries
      • The viz took too long to render according to the timeout setting defined by the administrator in the VizAlertsConfig workbook. Optimize it so that it runs more efficiently, or work with your administrator to increase the timeout limit.
      • If this happens intermittently, it could also be indicative of a slowdown of Tableau Server, or the back-end database server the viz is connecting to. Monitor both systems for a good period of time and measure responses. Figure out what's up. You know, troubleshoot.

    • Address must match regex pattern set by the administrator
      • This error means that you tried to send an email or SMS to or from an address that did not match the specific pattern defined by the administrator. Work with your admin to figure out why they configured things that way, and adjust your alert accordingly. If you're trying to email your hotmail address, you shouldn't really expect to be able to do so. We admins care about security, y'know!
      • Example here