Now(), Today(), relative date filters, and any date math functions return errors when connecting to Smartsheet datasource

Version 2
    IssueWhen connecting to Smartsheet datasource, now(), today(), relative date filters, and any date math functions cause errors.

    Tableau Desktop

    Root Cause

    Smartsheet writes their own ODBC connector.  A connection to Smartsheet is outside of the scope of Tableau Technical Support.


    Option 1

    The Smartsheet datasource returns the values for these functions itself.  In order to avoid this incompatibility, generate an extract after connecting; the Tableau Data Engine handles the date functions without issue: Generating an extract


    Option 2

    Add the function directly to Smartsheet. Note that this functionality will an extra column to the data source.

    Additional InformationFor more information about Smartsheet, see Live Data Connector by Smartsheet.