VizAlerts 2.0.1 Released

Version 1

    Hey Everyone, v2.0.1 of VizAlerts is now released. It doesn't really contain new features, just bug fixes and documentation updates. Here's what was fixed:


    -Fixed issue where unlicensed users subscribed to Simple Alerts generate failure emails (Issue #88)
    -Fixed issue where VIZ_LINK content reference doesn't work if placed after other content references (Issue #83)
    -Improved error handling when subscriber to an Advanced Alert is not the owner (Issue #82)
    -Fixed issue where trailing commas in recipients lists cause a "missing field" error (Issue #61)
    -Added a few small notes to the VizAlertsConfig workbook (Issues #87#94)
    -Install guide clarifications and corrections (Issues #86, #85, #84)
    -User Guide clarifications and corrections (Issue #77)
    -Allow use of additional characters to break up list of recipient email addresses (Issue #92)
    -Added error handling for invalid regex expressions in configuration viz (Issue #90)
    -Fixed issue where Case should be ignored in email address regex pattern comparisons (Issue #93)

    -Fixed issue where locales defaulting to semicolon delimiters cannot use Advanced Alerts (Issue #17)



    The last item is technically a new feature. If you live in a region where semicolon (";") is the default column delimiter, you'll need to set that value at the bottom of config\vizalerts.yaml when you upgrade. Which brings me to:



    Upgrading from VizAlerts 2.0.0

    The easy / minimal / barebones upgrade process is:


    • Backup your VizAlerts 1.x directory.
    • In Task Scheduler, disable the existing VizAlerts scheduled task.
    • Download version 2.0.1 from GitHub and unzip to a temporary location alongside your existing VizAlerts folder.
    • IF you live in a region where semicolon (";") is the default column delimiter, you'll need to set that value for "data.coldelimiter" in config\vizalerts.yaml
    • Copy the entire \vizalert subfolder over your current one, overwriting all the .py files.
    • Copy \ over your existing version.
    • Run VizAlerts from the command line in the new v2.0.1 folder to verify that it runs without error.
    • Run a test_alert from an existing Tableau view, then run VizAlerts v2.0.1 from the command line to verify that it is able to deliver messages as before.
    • In Task Scheduler, edit the VizAlerts task Action to point to your new v2.0.1 folder and enable the task. Watch it to make sure it's working properly!

    Note that this is a sort of "barebones" upgrade--we've made changes to the vizalerts.yaml file, the documentation files, the demo viz and data, and the VizAlertsConfig workbook. You can go through the process of distributing and publishing those if you like, but if you don't, everything will still work fine and you'll still get all the bug fixes.


    Upgrading from VizAlerts 1.0.0 or 1.1


    Instructions for upgrading from versions 1.X to 2.0.1 are the same as going from 1.X to 2.0.0. You can find those here.




    As always, let us know if you have any questions or issues here, as a new Discussion in the VizAlerts group.