Tableau Workbook Documentaion - Quickly get what you want most

Version 2

    Are you looking for a tool that can help you generate documentation by reading your workbook directly?


    As some of you might be aware, there are quite a few paid and open source solutions for this. Some can even generate formatted outputs that can be presented to the end user instantly! But yet, for the past few days I was struggling to get exactly what I was looking for. I have noticed issues in the Formula field in many of these implementations. And that's the reason I developed something to get what I want.


    For the past 16 years I have benefited a lot from the community for my various needs, and hence I wanted this effort to be useful for anyone who wants - whether to simply use the tool, or to take this as a base and develop further, or even to fix their own implementations taking cues from this. I am sure I too will receive constructive / critical feedbacks / fixes in this excercise.


    Tableau.DocHelper (hosted in GitHub) is a simple C# library to parse Tableau workbooks and to generate field meta data for documentation purposes. Also shipped is a Windows Forms project that does a reference implementation of the library. The executable output of this project can be downloaded from here.


    The primary intentions behind developing this are

    • to have a solution that addresses the common bugs
    • to keep the content simple for most documentation purposes
    • to get the support from the community for feedbacks as well as contributions to make this better and useful for a wider audience


    I hope you will like the solution. Please feel free to try the solution, share it with your friends and provide feedbacks!