Tag!  Learn What Our New Status and Tag Mean for Your Ideas

Version 3

    Adding an update to this post, February 2017:

    We’ve expanded the use of the “planned” status – now it includes not only the features we showed in Devs on Stage at TC16, but we’re also regularly using it to indicate other features the team is actively working on that you can expect to see in beta or in a release in the near-term.  These are of course not the only features we are working on, but we want to make sure to keep you in the loop when we are working on features that address the ideas you have posted on the forums.  You can keep an eye on the Coming Soon page to  stay on top of what’s planned for the next release of Tableau.


    Original Post:

    Just a few weeks ago, during the Devs on Stage keynote at TC16, members of the Tableau Development Team got on stage to show off some of our favorite features from recent releases. We also shared some amazing things we are excited to tell you will be coming to the product soon. If you were there in person or have read our blog post, you know that many of the features we demo’d are features you have requested on this very forum, and across them all they’ve received thousands of votes.


    To make it easy to find these ideas, we added a new status: Planned.  That means that we’re actively working on these solutions and you should see them in one of our next few releases.  We also tagged these ideas with the tag “devsonstage,” so you know that we demo’d them.  If you haven’t seen them in action already, you can get to more information through the blogs and live conference videos I linked above.



    Features that have a “Planned” status are in active development, but they’re in different stages, and we may not have identified a precise timeframe for their release.  As soon as a feature is ready for a specific release, you’ll see the status of that feature turn to “Beta."  The Beta status means that the feature has been added to our pre-release beta experience.  Customers can apply to join the beta program here (http://www.tableau.com/getbeta).


    We love your feedback, we love building products for you, and we would love to see your comments, votes and thoughts on these features.