VizAlerts session at 2016 Tableau Conference #data16: the video and files

Version 3

    Here are links to the video and files for the VizAlerts: KPI-Based Alerting, Burst Emails, and More for Tableau session at the 2016 Tableau Conference that Matt Coles and Jonathan Drummey presented.


    Link to session:


    Link to video (free registration required): VizAlerts video

    Slides: Dropbox - vizalerts 20161104 jtd.pptx


    EDAcuity Tableau packaged workbook: Dropbox - EDAcuity.twbx

    DailyEncounters workbook: Dropbox - DailyEncounters.twbx

    SMHC-VizAlerts workbook: Dropbox - SMHC-VizAlerts.twbx

    Default Extract Failure Email from Tableau 10: ExtractFailureEmail.htm