Getting Started: Scout

Version 3

    What is Scout?

    Scout is an exploratory performance tool that interacts with Tableau's Server product in order to capture performance metrics for specific User actions across a set of workbooks.


    When to use Scout?

    Scout supports two main scenarios: performance and user acceptance testing

    Performance testing

    • Help you find slow workbooks on the server
    • Can validate performance improvements or regressions
      after making configuration\topology changes

    User acceptance testing

    • Can validate workbooks and
      dashboards are loading properly after upgrading to a new Tableau server
    • Can validate that
      workbooks are still working properly after data source changes


    Where to get more info about Scout?

    Scout is still work in progress and we’re going to add more information, especially after TC. For now, you can get a basic overview of Scout here: Scout - Getting started - YouTube


    How can I get started?

    We’re going to add more information here closer to the TC talk.


    What are the requirements for Scout?

    Scout has a very few requirements:

    • A Windows machine (Scout currently runs on Windows only)
    • A supported version of Tableau Server. For now, Tableau Server > 10.0 is supported
    • Java 64 bit JVM
    • Latest version of Chrome
    • Tableau server should be enabled to collect Web Client Metrics
      • Follow the steps for getting to run tabadmin
      • Execute the following commands
        • tabadmin set vizqlserver.client_metrics_enabled true
        • tabadmin set vizqlserver.client_metrics_filter core
        • tabadmin configure
        • tabadmin restart

    This should be all!!!


    Is Scout supported?

    Scout is made available AS-IS with no support. This is intended to be a self-service tool and includes several training videos and an installation guide. Please review those fully to get the most out of Scout.

    That being said we will be actively looking at issues discovered by users and try to respond and resolve them.


    What if I find an issue or have feedback?

    If you want to stay informed and get updates, please watch this project page for updates or follow us on twitter @tableau, @ionutg, @sanosuman and @thedavesmolin