Getting Started: PortalSearch

Version 1


    everyone! This is a document to explain what is PortalSearch and outline how to build one into your system. I will provide documentation and source code for you to use. If you have anything you want to discuss relating to PortalSearch, please tag your discussion or post with "PortalSearch" so that it is easier for everyone to find.



    What is PortalSearch?


    PortalSearch is a separate search tool that allows you to search your Tableau Server repository from any web page where you code in PortalSearch. PortalSearch replicates as closely as possible the Omnisearch bar in Tableau Server, both in results and behavior. It utilizes the same API to get its results as Tableau Server. Because of this, you will have your search results filtered specifically to only what the logged in user has access to. Think of it as if you are ripping out the Omnisearch bar from Tableau Server and placing it where you need it most. We put ours on our portal site but you can put yours anywhere where your users are active, like an internal company homepage or in team wikis.


    How can I get started?

    Just download the attached .zip file, then read through the instructions to set it up in the file. You will need a web developer to do this with access to the location where you will be hosting the search. The code is just the shell to perform the search. You will need to have a login method that grabs the user's username and password to log them into the Tableau Server API. You will also need to style your search box and results to fit your needs and existing web design.

    What if I need help?

    Please share any questions or problems you have here as a new Discussion post, just don't forget to add the tag "PortalSearch" to your Discussion! PortalSearch is something that could be useful to a lot of people in its current form, but it can always be improved. If you have any suggestions, bugs, or improvements, please let me know in a Discussion on this Community.

    What if I find an issue or have feedback?

    Please add your feedback to PortalSearch Feedback

    Thank you again, I really appreciate you taking the time to try this out with me!