The Content Experience team at Tableau has been busy this release!


We’ve separated our administrator content from our end-user content. You can see the content we offer for both audiences here. We hope you find this change more intuitive and helpful.



With this change, we updated the Tableau Desktop Help with content for users of all Tableau products. This updated Help, known simply as, Tableau Help, contains all help topics related to analyzing and consuming data in Tableau.

This help is for people who create workbooks or data sources and publish them, and for people who want to see, interact with, and share views - in Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server, or Tableau Online.


This new help system will include content for the following:


  • Getting started with Tableau Desktop and Tableau web authoring
  • Connecting to and preparing data
  • Designing views and analyzing data
  • Publishing workbooks and data sources to Tableau Server, Tableau Online, and Tableau Public
  • Exploring and managing content on Tableau Server and Tableau Online
  • Sharing and Collaborating on Tableau Server and Tableau Online


To help you navigate this new Help system, we’ve included some slick new additions to our online Help articles. We’ve improved our article breadcrumbs so you always know exactly where you are in a Help system and can retrace your steps.


We’ve also implemented an Applies to line at the top of every article in the Tableau Help so you know exactly which products the article applies to.





Finally, we’ve created a hub page for using Tableau on the web. This will be your go-to destination for web user help.





Just some simple additions to make your experience with Tableau Help a little more awesome!


Got feedback or ideas on how to make our content better? We want it. Please use the blue feedback bar on the top of any page (“Was this page helpful?”) to open the comment field and submit your feedback.