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Your feedback on Knowledge Base articles is delivered anonymously to Tableau Support's content managers. here are the articles we updated in February based on your feedback:

Unable to Configure SSL Encryption with PFX File

Error "Unable to materialize temporary table" Joining Data Sources

Deactivating a Tableau Server Product Key

Error "Error (1) when backing up the extract and workbook databases" Uninstalling Tableau Server

Unable to Use Parameters as URL Parameters to Filter a View

Error "No License Found for 'Tableau Server'" After Offline Activation

Error "The call to the function LsaLogonUser failed" When Viewing Workbooks with Kerberos Delegation

Error "Data Extract Required" Saving Workbook to Tableau Public

Error "Cannot get access time of non-existent path" When Accessing a View

Unable to Open Workbook Downloaded with Tabcmd Get

Displaying Images in Tooltips

Opening a Workbook on Sharepoint in Tableau Reader

Month Over Month Difference As a Percentage

"Database error: 0x80004005: Microsoft Office cannot open or write to the file" Error

Adding Filters to Dashboards

Edit Default Table Calculation Header

Filtering Across Multiple Data Sources Using a Parameter

Unable to Print Selected Sheets to PDF in Tableau Desktop or Tableau Reader

Managing Tableau Product Keys

Hiding the Keep Only and Exclude Buttons from Tooltips

Create Crosstab Excel Output from Tableau with Dimensions on each row

Editing the Alias of a Color Legend

Unable to Export All Data to PDF on Dashboards with Scroll Bars

Adding Borders Around Sheets on Dashboards

Resetting Map to a Default Position

Error "The size (9999999) given to the column "Column" exceeds the maximum allowed for any data type (8000)"

Error "ORA-00918: column ambiguously defined" Using Custom SQL

Calculating a Running Count Distinct

Displaying Subtotals for Only Some Dimensions

Unable to Use Special Characters in URL Parameters

Median Function Unavailable

Plotting Geographic Data Using Custom Longitude and Latitude Values

Multiple Dashboard Actions In a Column


Keep the feedback coming, we love making the knowledge base better for you!