Happy New Year!

Have you ever wondered what happens if you fill out the little survey at the bottom of articles in Tableau's Knowledge Base?

Your feedback on Knowledge Base articles is delivered anonymously to Tableau Support's content managers. here are the articles we updated in December based on your feedback:

Asterisks Display in Tooltips

Displaying Color Legends

Receiving Sync Client Errors While Refreshing Extract After Upgrading Tableau Desktop

Comparing Two Date Ranges from the Same Data Set on One Graph

Changing the Default Tableau Version Used to Open Files

Export Data and Crosstab Options Are Unavailable

Error "Tableau failed to create an extract" When Connecting to Google Analytics

Filtering the Secondary Data Source Independent of the Primary

Creating a Button to Select All Filters in a Dashboard

Stored Procedures are Unavailable when Connecting to Oracle Data Source

"Verifying Tableau" Message Persists and Install Does Not Complete

Aggregating at a Different Level than the Linking Field when Blending

Error "Function flxActCommonRepairLocalTrustedStorage returned error (50044, 71013, 19810)" Restoring from Time Machine on a Mac

Quick Filters Change to Multiple Values (List) After Replacing Data Source

Displaying Row Labels for Each Row in a Crosstab View

Download Data and Crosstab Options Unavailable

Unable to Apply Separate Aggregations to Row and Column Grand Totals

Month Over Month Difference As a Percentage

Error 'Worker initialization failed" Installing Tableau Server Without Worker

Editing the Alias of a Color Legend

Configuring Parallel Queries in Tableau Desktop

Error "Sign In Failed"  On Login Screen in Browser After Upgrading Tableau Server


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