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We've received a ton of great feedback about the new features in Tableau 10.1 since its release a few weeks ago. If you haven't had time to upgrade yet though, there are a few hidden gems still waiting for you:




That's right, we’ve given our Tableau Server help a facelift (and much else besides)! We hope you find this format more useful than our previous versions. The most visible change is that we’ve moved the navigation to the top of the page. We’ve reorganized the help according to roles (User, Site, and Server) so you can navigate through the content that is useful for you and the tasks you need to complete. See Get Started with Tableau Server to learn more about these roles and how we’ve organized our content.



The new format provides other improvements that are not as visible. As Tableau data nerds, we noticed that 70% of the traffic entering the Help site comes from Google. But the old content experience sent all that Google traffic to navigation-free versions of Help pages that often looked like dead-ends. Now, folks coming from Google see top- and side-nav menus that provide helpful context. This new nav structure has also motivated us to help Google users in other ways, such as combining content in longer articles to make it more likely that the first page people hit contains information relevant to them.



Tableau is also embracing mobile workflows, and this new Help layout provides a far better experience on mobile devices. The search box appears right up top rather than nested in a menu, the navigation menu requires fewer clicks, and the text is easier to read on a small screen.




We’ll continue to make more improvements in future releases. Got feedback or ideas on how to make our content better? We want it. Please use the blue feedback bar on the top of any page (Was this page helpful?) to open the comment field and submit your feedback.