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We recently launched a new initiative to provide video tutorials in popular Knowledge Base articles. Since launching last month, we are happy to announce that we have hit 50 video tutorials! See all the articles below and as always, be sure to request video tutorials by using the "Yes/No" buttons at the bottom of each Knowledge Base article.



  1. Creating a Stacked Bar Chart Using Multiple Measures
  2. Adding Borders Around Sheets on Dashboards
  3. Showing Legends on Dashboards
  4. Setting Default Date to Most Recent Date on a Filter
  5. Displaying Row Labels for Each Row in a Crosstab View
  6. Conditionally Formatting Cell Background Color
  7. Creating a Dual Axis Bar Chart with Multiple Measures
  8. Creating a Stacked Bar Chart That Adds up to 100%
  9. Displaying Color Legends
  10. Creating Dynamic Titles Based on Filters
  11. Calculating Percent of Total for Measure Values
  12. Sorting Segments Within Stacked Bars by Value
  13. Creating a Line Chart Without Using a Date
  14. Changing a Specific Field’s Default Color Palette
  15. Displaying Zero Decimal Places for Mark Labels
  16. Show Positive and Negative Colors in Chart
  17. Adding Data Refresh Time Stamp to a View in a Dashboard
  18. Month Over Month Difference As a Percentage
  19. Hiding the Keep Only and Exclude Buttons from Tooltips
  20. Conditionally Format the Color of Individual Columns in a Crosstab View
  21. Creating a Combination Chart That Shows More than Two Measures
  22. Renaming Grand Total Header
  23. Showing All Values After Selecting Keep Only or Exclude Options
  24. Year Over Year and Year To Date Quick Table Calculations are Unavailable
  25. Adding Separate Dynamic Reference Lines For Each Dimension Member
  26. Displaying a Value, Subtotal, and Grand Total in the Same View
  27. Hiding Columns without Filtering Underlying Data
  28. Filtering the View Without Filtering Underlying Data
  29. Calculating a Compounded Annual Growth Rate
  30. Creating Adjustable Reference Lines
  31. Moving Horizontal Bar Chart Headers from Bottom to Top
  32. Displaying Subtotals for Only Some Dimensions
  33. Diagonal Reference Line
  34. Grand Totals and Subtotals Do Not Show Expected Numbers With Table Calculations
  35. Applying Color to a Single Column in a Crosstab View
  36. Fiscal Year Number is Higher Than Expected
  37. Creating Date Calculations for Specific Date Ranges
  38. Filtering Across Multiple Data Sources Using a Parameter
  39. Creating a Filter for Start and End Dates Using Parameters
  40. Removing Null Values from Filters
  41. Plotting Geographic Data Using Custom Longitude and Latitude Values
  42. Creating a Button to Clear All Filters in a Dashboard
  43. Clearing All Actions in a Dashboard with One Click
  44. Comparing Data from the Same Number of Days in Two Periods
  45. Counting Occurrence of a Given Value in a Field
  46. Creating a Filter for Start and End Dates Using Parameters
  47. Unable to create a Map of Two Regions with Separate Color Gradients
  48. Building a Venn Diagram
  49. Submitting a Case From the Partner Management Center
  50. Line Graph with Line for Total Sum of Other Lines