Over the past few weeks, our blogging team has created some wonderful content looking at the exciting new features and capabilities in Tableau 10.0. To ensure these posts live on in infamy, we’ve created this handy list below where you can see all of their great work!


  1. Connect Directly to Your QuickBooks Online Data in Tableau 10
  2. Connect Directly to Google Sheets in Tableau 10
  3. As Requested, You Can Filter across Data Sources in Tableau 10
  4. Build Your Own Custom Territories in Tableau 10
  5. Format Your Workbook with Just a Few Clicks in Tableau 10
  6. Check Out the Beautiful Look and Feel of Tableau 10
  7. Connect Directly to Your Marketo Data in Tableau 10
  8. Do More with APIs in Tableau 10, Enter Our Hackathon
  9. Extract-Refresh Fail? Get an Email Alert in Tableau 10
  10. Quickly Find Marks in Context with Tableau 10's New Highlighter
  11. Check Out the New Enterprise Features in Tableau 10
  12. Author Dashboards from Scratch on the Web in Tableau 10
  13. Design Dashboards That Shine on Any Device in Tableau 10
  14. Favorite Your Data Sources in Tableau 10
  15. Restore Your Workbook with One Click in Tableau 10
  16. Uncover Patterns in Your Data with Tableau 10’s Clustering Feature
  17. Subscribe Others to Your Views and Workbooks in Tableau 10
  18. Do More While Publishing Workbooks in Tableau 10
  19. Integrate Your Data with Cross-Database Joins in Tableau 10
  20. Tableau 10 Includes a New Typeface Designed for Data
  21. Tableau 10 Includes Even More Data-Source Options
  22. How We Designed the New Color Palettes in Tableau 10
  23. Tableau 10 Includes More Maps Data, Multilingual Auto Detection