You’ve just downloaded Tableau Desktop 9.3. You are excited to get started and use it to see and understand your data. You launch the application and connect to your data source for the first time, eager to see what you can create.  You see this screen, and then…


So many options! So many possibilities!  Where to start?


We know that starting out with a new tool can be daunting and at Tableau we are here to help!  To give you a leg up and get you well on your way to being the next Data Rockstar, we are introducing the new Tutorial: Get Started with Tableau Desktop.


In this tutorial we walk you through the basic features and functions of Tableau Desktop as you take on the role of an employee working at the headquarters of a large retail chain. You are tasked with finding insights into why your retail products are not performing as well as they can be and then sharing those insights with your team.


You will learn how to:

  • Connect to data and build a simple view.
  • Add layers of complexity to your view to answer questions and find insights
  • Build and format maps to see your data geographically
  • Build and format dashboards and stories to present your findings
  • Share your findings using Tableau Public or Tableau Server


Throughout the tutorial we provide opportunities to learn more about a specific area of the product and include a learning libray that contains links to additonal resources such as online help, whitepapers, training and more.


Get started on your journey today. Take this tutorial for a spin and let us know what you think. Share this with friends who are new to Tableau and help them get started too!


The top of each section includes a form where you can send us feedback. Like what you see?  Want to see more content like this?  Let us know! Looking for deeper coverage in areas of the product that were not included in this tutorial, please let us know that too! We’d love to hear from you, and we hope you enjoy this tutorial.


Author:Eriel Ross