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Have you ever noticed this little survey on the bottom of the articles in Tableau's Knowledge Base?


Your feedback on Quick Fix articles is delivered anonymously to Tableau Support's content managers. Here are the articles we've updated in the past month based on your feedback:

Plotting Geographic Data Using Custom Longitude and Latitude Values : We were informed that the attachment was missing from translations of the article! This mistake has been corrected.

Getting Distinct Count When COUNTD Is Not Available :  Updated steps so they are easier to follow.

Creating a Dual Axis Bar Chart with Multiple Measures :  Changed screenshot out for an attached .twbx  file for more context

Adding Borders Around Sheets on Dashboards : New screenshots and simplified instructions.

Forecast Option Not Available (Grayed Out) : Clarified and updated to reflect current versions.

Creating Dynamic Titles Based on Filters : Updated to reflect current terminology around filters

Resetting the Administrator Password or Account : Updated for clarity with help of Sarah Hermann

Sorting Filter Values :  Updated links and language to reflect current versions

Alert "<Data source> is out of date" and "Unknown failure" Refreshing Extract : added a note to explain what a UNC path is

Error "Internal Error - An unexpected error occurred and the operation could not be completed." Filtering Selected Sheets : Updated to reflect that this issue has been corrected.

Cannot Create Firewall Rules to Access Mapping Servers : Updated with instructions for Tableau Desktop on Mac.

Year-Over-Year Calculation Does Not Compare Corresponding Quarters When Year is Incomplete : Updated to reflect current versions

Dynamically Hiding a Sheet from the Dashboard : Simplified instructions.

Moving Overlapping Labels : Re-arranged for clarity

Setting Default Date to Most Recent Date on a Filter : Updated to reflect that calculated field created is a measure, not a dimension.

Creating a Stacked Bar Chart That Adds up to 100% : Updated resolution for clarity and fixed some formatting issues

Upgrading Tableau Reader : updated for clarity

Cannot Load Packaged Workbook in Tableau Reader : Fixed a typo (because "take an extract of the workbook" doesn't make sense)

Showing Legends on Dashboards : Updated for clarity.

Calculated Fields Disappear When Data Source Is Replaced : Simplified resolution.


Keep the feedback coming, we love making the knowledge base better for you!