We're always looking for ways to make solving problems faster and easier. Recently, we've adopted a new system for sharing large files with Tableau's Technical Support.

Of course, if you have access to Tableau’s customer portal, that’s still the easiest way to send files for a support case. But if:

  • - you don’t have portal access
  • - the files you need to send are too large for the portal (over 2 GB)
  • - you just created a support case and don’t yet have access to it in the portal, but you suspect we’ll be requesting server logs or a .twbx and want to get a jump on things

…then you’ll be delighted with the speed, power and simplicity of the new system we are using.

Our new system uses Egnyte – a cloud file collaboration service similar to Dropbox, Box.net, and Google Drive.

Egnyte allows for uploading files up to 10 GB in size from a fast and simple web interface.

For larger files – up to 100 GB! – all Tableau Technical Support engineers now have the ability to directly provide FTP access for you.

We’ve been piloting this system since late last year, and last month, we retired the old Express Delivery system. Next time you need to send in large files to Tableau Technical Support, try out the new Alternative Method for Sending Large Files, and let us know what you think!