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Have you ever noticed this little survey on the bottom of the articles in Tableau's Knowledge Base?

Have you ever wondered what happens if you click that button and tell us what you think?

Over the past couple of months, we've been reading the feedback on Quick Fix articles, and the below articles were recently updated based on feedback we received:

Conditionally Formatting Cell Background Color : Updated for current versions, edited for clarity and fixed some typos.

Adding Borders Around Sheets on Dashboards : Put in a new screenshot and updated language for clarity.

Dynamically Hiding a Sheet from the Dashboard : Updated steps 5 and 6 for clarity.

Calculating a Compounded Annual Growth Rate : Added an example workbook.

DATEPART Returns Week Value of 53 Instead of 1 : Fixed a typo. It's true, Rick-clicking isn't a thing.

Set Server Views to Open Links in the Same Window : Updated for clarity with the help of Chase T. in Tech Support.

Creating a Stacked Bar Chart Using Multiple Measures : Fixed some formatting.

Adding Filters to Dashboards : Updated to apply to current versions (since Quick Filters are just Filters now). 

Viewing Underlying Sql Queries : Updated with information for Mac as well as Windows.

Removing Null Values from Filters :  Edited for clarity, updated for current versions, and made it clear that you're really removing the nulls rather than hiding them.

Sorting Segments Within Stacked Bars by Value : Instructions updated for current versions.

Filters Disappear After Publishing : Updated to say "Filters" instead of "Quick Filters" and clarified some language.

Warning "Missing Fields" Creating Filter Action : Simplified


Please keep the feedback coming, we love making our knowledge base better for you!