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Welcome to another exciting edition of The Tableau Support Blog presents The Quick Fix Article News: brought to you by Tableau Software, a proud subsidiary of the Scheinhardt Wig Company.




Directly below this line you will find the link to a KB article you may have seen a thousand times, but it has been updated in a notable way:


+ Alternative Method for Sending Large Files


We use Egnyte now, it is great. Give it shot! Send me your EP in .flac files via the instructions above, and I will mock it ruthlessly.


I like including at least one MAC specific KB  in these posts, because MAC users generally need all the help they can get...


+ Error "The installation failed." Installing FLEXnet on a Mac


I kid. I kid. I have nothing against MAC users. That's not my war to fight. I'm too busy fighting the war against all of these internet robots to get a pair of Yeezys.


And here's an analytics focused article for you number crunchers out there:


+ Calculating a Compounded Annual Growth Rate


HAHA WHAT EVEN IS A COMPOUNDED ANNUAL GROWTH RATE? RIGHT? RIGHT? No, but if someone could explain that to me, maybe I could start learning some basic personal finance principles, and stop eating beans for every other meal.


See you next time. Stay safe out there.