Since Tableau Support services are now available in seven languages besides English (Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Portugese and Spanish) we have been working hard to make articles in our Knowledge Base available in these languages so you can find the answers you need.

We’ve had a few longer Knowledge Base articles translated for a while, but starting this August, we are translating a few Quick Fix articles every week.  So far, we’ve translated just over 100. You can see them here:


There are a lot of articles in our knowledge base, how did we decide where to start?

Maybe you’ve seen this little survey at the bottom of our articles:

Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 1.04.30 PM.png

(which, by the way, is also getting an update soon!)

We’re translating the articles with the most “Yes” votes first. (Yes, when you click that button, someone is paying attention )

I'm personally pretty excited about making more of our content available in lots of languages. We're just getting started!


Do you have a favorite article that is (or isn't) on the above list? Other topics you would like to hear about here? Please let us know!