You might already know that the Tableau Community is a great resource. What you might not know is that we here at Tableau get a lot out of the Community, too! I’d like to introduce you to five members of our Strategic Support team who are passionate about participating in the Tableau Community.  Without further ado, I’ll let them speak for themselves:





     My name is Zach Yuzer, and I am a Senior Strategic Escalations Engineer here at Tableau. Over the past year and a half, I have been involved with the Tableau Community as a way to learn more about how our customers are using Tableau products in extraordinary and out-of-the-box ways. I am passionate about networking and infrastructure, so I spend most of my time in the Server Admin pages seeing what tips and tricks I can learn or share. Being able to engage with users outside of a traditional Support environment allows me to peer into the everyday work life of my fellow Tableau users. When I visit the Community, I am always inspired by fellow community members who are already on top of most of the questions. Special shout out to Toby Erkson and Jeffrey Strauss who have provided valuable feedback and suggestions on a multitude of posts - especially on the Server Admin Community. Thanks guys!

Outside of work, I enjoy getting outdoors in and around the Pacific Northwest with my wife Holly and our two Dachshunds. I also enjoy collecting glass art and baseball caps to the point of obsession.

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     I’ve been working with Tableau since December 2013. I began as a Technical Support Engineer working mainly with Tableau Server, and in July 2015 I transitioned to a role as a Technical Support Manager for Elite Support. Helping with Community posts provides me with insight into how customers use Tableau in real world situations. Every customer has their own workflow and way of doing things and it’s interesting for me to assist in tailoring Tableau to suit their needs. Outside of work, I play Gaelic Football competitively. I’ve gone on unsupported cycling trips every year since 2009, my longest trip being Boston to San Francisco. I also enjoy learning Spanish and hope to contribute in Spanish language areas of the Community Forum in the future.




     My name is Cor Bader and I am a Senior Support Engineer.  I joined Tableau on November 11th 2013.   I have always dug the message board medium and enjoy the chance to help others with Tableau in a casual setting. It is a great feeling finding a resolution for a customer!

     I once attended a ‘live-in’ Kung-fu school where we practiced Kung-fu eight hours a day every day for three months.  I still try and practice my Chen Tai-Chi, HSing-I and Splashing Hands when I have time.   I am a total investing and economic junky, so when I get the chance to use Tableau for my own purposes I will be connecting to market and economic data.





I joined Tableau in December, 2013 as a Technical Account Manager. I help with community posts in my “free” time because I figure it’s better to give than to receive, and I love the sincere appreciation I receive from other users when I am able to help somebody out. Something you might not guess about me is that I was trained in interviewing and interrogation. Outside of work, I like to bike and travel, and use Tableau to track and analyze my spending.


Dan S.


I joined the Technical Support team in May of 2013 and am currently a Senior Technical Lead for Strategic Support.  The most exciting part about working with customers in the Community Forums is being able to share the excitement of creating new types of analyses and answers questions in a fun and laid back environment. 


Outside of work, I have merged my growing interest in data collection with my joy of gaming.  Recording my gaming stats and dumping them into Tableau I then enjoy taking time to build vizzes.  Am I actually getting better over time?  Staying the same?  Or am I doing the unspeakable and becoming worse?


When I'm not vizzing my way through gaming data, I moonlight as a musician. Classical piano and various types of hand drumming (frame drums and darbuka) mean I'm quite frequently tapping out rhythms on any surface available to me.


Dan B.


My name is Dan Becker and I’ve been with Tableau since November 2013. As Program Manager for Supportability in Technical Support, my mission is to make it easier, faster, and more freakishly friendly to help Tableau’s customers – and to make it so you don’t even need to get help as often. Of course, a big part of my job is using Tableau to see and understand our support data.


I also work with our team of Support-Dev liaisons. These folks are senior members of Support who work directly with each feature team in Development, providing a direct line of communication and feedback between Support and Tableau developers, sharing knowledge that helps us provide better support and influencing product development.


Before joining Tableau, I was an IT Architect at biotech pharmaceutical companies, working with scientists on the leading edge of R&D as well as highly-regulated clinical, financial, and manufacturing systems. I then earned a Master’s degree in computer science and software engineering from the University of Washington and moved to the software industry. I’ve been participating in what the youngsters call “social media” for more years than I care to count – but as a hint, I used to get online at 300 baud. You can find me on Twitter as @datavizdan; I occasionally blog at