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Morning Tableaun Rangers,


As I'm sure you are all aware, the Tableau Customer Conference begins next week in the quaint, hidden desert gem of Las Vegas, Nevada. It should be an intimate affair replete with responsible decisions and plenty of silent sustained reading. Make sure to take copious mental notes about all the incredible workbooks you create while in Vegas, because from what I understand they will have to stay in Vegas when you leave. Outrageous – I know, but from what I understand those are the rules. When you get to the airport to leave, they will search your bag, find anything that happened in Vegas, and insist that it stay in Vegas. It's a very delicate ecosystem, and the Las Vegas Tourism Council thanks you for your cooperation.


Enjoy some Quick Fix gems before I pai gow my savings account into oblivion.


Have you ever wanted to slide dates across multiple data sources? Well, now you can!


Creating a Slider Filter that Filters a Range Across Multiple Data Sources


Did you get a Dell, Dude? And sometimes Tableau stops unexpectedly on that Dell? You should read this:


Error "Tableau has stopped working" Opening or Saving a File on a Dell Computer


Are you planning to configure SAML or add a new worker to your Tableau Server environment? Take a look at these!


Error "Worker Initialization Failed" When Adding Worker


Error "Cannot store non-PrivateKeys" After Configuring SAML Authentication