I have some good news and some bad news, Zen Maestros and Maestras.


The good news: We are cranking out Quick Fix articles at an astounding rate.

The bad news: The rate at which we are cranking out new Quick Fix articles has rendered these posts effectively useless.


A list of 40+ articles every week does not seem like a valuable use for this space, so we're going to play with the format a little bit. Instead of throwing a stack of links at you every week, I am going to highlight a few new articles every week.


The first article new quick fix on display this week is one that I could see being helpful for newer Tableau Desktop users:



I wanted to highlight this article because it's a relatively simple concept that helps illustrate a key difference between .twb files and .twbx files. For a long time I thought that a .twb was any workbook with a live connection, and a .twbx was any workbook with an extract. A .twb can still have an extract for a data source. The difference between a .twb file with an extract data source and a .twbx file with an extract is that the .twbx file is self-contained, while a .twb file will save the connection information to the original source of the extract.


The other article I am highlighting today is a must read for any Tableau Server admin:



With the introduction of Tableau Server 9.0 and the new coordination service, in environments where disk I/O was restricted to less than 5 MBPS, either average throughput or as a result of occasional spikes, the Tableau repository periodically restarted, which put Tableau Server into a "Degraded" state and made it unavailable. If you have experienced any Postgres instability since upgrading to 9.0, I highly recommend reviewing the article above.


My plan for the time being is to highlight one Tableau Server and One Tableau Desktop related article every week, but that could change depending on your feedback. If you have any thoughts, please let me know. Also, let me know if you are a Tableau Server admin, a Tableau Desktop power user, or something in between.


Thanks for reading, and have a great weekend.