Hello again friendly Tableau Zen Masters and general data visualization enthusiasts.


I don't have any new Quick Fixes to bring you today, but I do have a list of Quick Fix articles that were recently updated. Find the list below, and if you have any questions about what changes were made to a specific article, let me know and I can do some investigating to see what changed and why.


Error Connecting to SharePoint List Through OData After Upgrading


Error "Check that the necessary drivers are installed" Refreshing Extracts


Unable to Connect to SSL-Enabled PostgreSQL Database


Error "Unable to verify license" Refreshing Extract Using Command Line


Moving Individual Workbooks From One Server to Another Server


Fields from Blended Data Sources Unavailable for URL Actions


SSL Vulnerability CVE-2014-3566 (POODLE)


Connecting Through Custom SQL Causes Slow Performance


Thanks for reading, I'll be back next week with more articles and updates.

Happy Analyzing