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As I was reviewing articles last week, I came across one that included the error "Tableau Server initialization failed." While working on articles, I have seen this error many times. The error itself is fairly generic, and usually accompanied by a second, more specific error. The challenge is finding the specific article associated with your flavor of the error. Below is the current list of published articles that include this error, and a little additional information about the circumstances in which each article applies.


  1. Resolving "Tableau Server initialization failed" Error - This article covers situations in which Tableau Server is installed to a path that contains characters that are not 7-bit ASCII.
  2. Error "Tableau Server Initialization Failed" When Using Underscores in Host Name - This article is specific to Tableau Server 8.1.0 and 8.1.1, when the host name includes underscores.
  3. “Tableau Server initialization failed” Error During Installation - This article is specific to instances of  Tableau Server installed on Windows Azure virtual machines.
  4. Errors "Tableau Server initialization failed" and "initdb: could not execute command" During Installation - This article applies to all instances of Tableau Server. The error occurs because the user signed in to Windows does not have sufficient permissions to install Tableau Server.
  5. Errors "initialization failed" and "failed with code 1" During Installation - This article is specific to Tableau Server 8.0.0, 8.0.1, and 8.1 and later versions.


And now for articles published last week.


We have a glut of recently published articles given the short hiatus this blog took. The following list includes articles published during the last three weeks.


We also updated quite of few of the Quick Fix articles following the 8.2, 8.1.8, and 8.0.12 releases. For lists of fixes included in these releases, see the Tableau Release Notes page.