Last week, we published fifteen new Quick Fix articles:



We get a lot of feedback about our Creating a Stacked Bar Chart Using Multiple Measures article. This article has the highest number of Yes and No votes from the "Did this article resolve the issue?" article survey. The challenge with this article is that the structure of the data impacts the outcome of the steps. We originally created the sample workbook attached to the article with a small sample data set. The steps worked with that data set, but I recently received a comment from a customer saying that the steps don't work. I decided to investigate by testing the same steps against Tableau's Superstore sample data.


Using Tableau's Superstore sample data, I found that I needed to add one more step to Option 1. After completing steps 1-4, I needed to choose Bar as the mark type. I've added this step to the article and attached a new sample workbook that uses Superstore sample data.




Following steps 1-5 in Option 1, I was able to make a stacked bar chart with a dimension on the x-axis. But...

results may vary depending on the structure of your data.


If you ever come across a Quick Fix article where the issue or question matches your issue, but the solution in the article does not resolve your issue, be sure to file a support case. Because the Quick Fix articles are designed to provide targeted answers to targeted questions, they don't always cover every possible environment, root cause, or solution. For more information about opening a support case, see the Tableau Support FAQ.