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Quick Fix articles are created by the Tableau technical support team in response to customer questions. If enough customers ask the same question, we publish the answer in a Quick Fix article so that customers can find the information faster. Because the topics come directly from customers, the issue is often very targeted, and the environment specific.


For example, the Error "410 Gone" When Exporting Data from View Quick Fix article discusses a very specific instance of a very generic error. For this reason, it is important to pay attention to the environment in order to determine if the resolution steps are right for you. These articles are different from our standard Tableau knowledge base articles, which are created by Tableau's documentation team, and cover topics in greater depth.


You can tell when you're looking at a Quick Fix article, because it will have the Quick Fix banner at the top:


Here's the list of Quick Fix articles published last week:



We also update articles based on customer feedback. At the bottom of each article, you have the option to let us know if the article resolved your issue. If you select No, you can leave a comment letting us know what we can do to improve the article.

Here's a list of articles that we have recently updated based on customer feedback:



If you see a way a Quick Fix article can be improved, let us know! We'll do our best to keep the articles in tip-top shape.