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The Content Experience team at Tableau has been busy this release!


We’ve separated our administrator content from our end-user content. You can see the content we offer for both audiences here. We hope you find this change more intuitive and helpful.



With this change, we updated the Tableau Desktop Help with content for users of all Tableau products. This updated Help, known simply as, Tableau Help, contains all help topics related to analyzing and consuming data in Tableau.

This help is for people who create workbooks or data sources and publish them, and for people who want to see, interact with, and share views - in Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server, or Tableau Online.


This new help system will include content for the following:


  • Getting started with Tableau Desktop and Tableau web authoring
  • Connecting to and preparing data
  • Designing views and analyzing data
  • Publishing workbooks and data sources to Tableau Server, Tableau Online, and Tableau Public
  • Exploring and managing content on Tableau Server and Tableau Online
  • Sharing and Collaborating on Tableau Server and Tableau Online


To help you navigate this new Help system, we’ve included some slick new additions to our online Help articles. We’ve improved our article breadcrumbs so you always know exactly where you are in a Help system and can retrace your steps.


We’ve also implemented an Applies to line at the top of every article in the Tableau Help so you know exactly which products the article applies to.





Finally, we’ve created a hub page for using Tableau on the web. This will be your go-to destination for web user help.





Just some simple additions to make your experience with Tableau Help a little more awesome!


Got feedback or ideas on how to make our content better? We want it. Please use the blue feedback bar on the top of any page (“Was this page helpful?”) to open the comment field and submit your feedback.

Your feedback on Knowledge Base articles is delivered anonymously to Tableau Support's content managers. here are the articles we updated in February based on your feedback:

Unable to Configure SSL Encryption with PFX File

Error "Unable to materialize temporary table" Joining Data Sources

Deactivating a Tableau Server Product Key

Error "Error (1) when backing up the extract and workbook databases" Uninstalling Tableau Server

Unable to Use Parameters as URL Parameters to Filter a View

Error "No License Found for 'Tableau Server'" After Offline Activation

Error "The call to the function LsaLogonUser failed" When Viewing Workbooks with Kerberos Delegation

Error "Data Extract Required" Saving Workbook to Tableau Public

Error "Cannot get access time of non-existent path" When Accessing a View

Unable to Open Workbook Downloaded with Tabcmd Get

Displaying Images in Tooltips

Opening a Workbook on Sharepoint in Tableau Reader

Month Over Month Difference As a Percentage

"Database error: 0x80004005: Microsoft Office cannot open or write to the file" Error

Adding Filters to Dashboards

Edit Default Table Calculation Header

Filtering Across Multiple Data Sources Using a Parameter

Unable to Print Selected Sheets to PDF in Tableau Desktop or Tableau Reader

Managing Tableau Product Keys

Hiding the Keep Only and Exclude Buttons from Tooltips

Create Crosstab Excel Output from Tableau with Dimensions on each row

Editing the Alias of a Color Legend

Unable to Export All Data to PDF on Dashboards with Scroll Bars

Adding Borders Around Sheets on Dashboards

Resetting Map to a Default Position

Error "The size (9999999) given to the column "Column" exceeds the maximum allowed for any data type (8000)"

Error "ORA-00918: column ambiguously defined" Using Custom SQL

Calculating a Running Count Distinct

Displaying Subtotals for Only Some Dimensions

Unable to Use Special Characters in URL Parameters

Median Function Unavailable

Plotting Geographic Data Using Custom Longitude and Latitude Values

Multiple Dashboard Actions In a Column


Keep the feedback coming, we love making the knowledge base better for you!

Your feedback on Knowledge Base articles is delivered anonymously to Tableau Support's content managers. Here are the articles we updated in January based on your feedback:


Creating a Pie Chart Using Multiple Measures

Error "Windows Installer Service could not be accessed" During Installation or Upgrade

Creating Date Calculations for Specific Date Ranges

Unable to Use Special Characters in URL Parameters

Columns Out of Order in Exported Crosstab with Table Calculations in View

Creating a Date Range Filter That Automatically Updates

Custom Shapes Assigned to Ad-Hoc Calculation Revert to Default after Closing and Opening Workbook

Custom Colors Are Not Saved When Ad-Hoc Calculated Field is on Color

Unable to Deactivate a Product Key

Browser Scroll Position Does Not Reset to Top of Page after Using Action Filter

Errors "Connectionless Failure" and "Cannot evaluate user filter; no current user or group" Refreshing Published Extract

Editing Workbook with Embedded Credentials Prompts for Password

Create Bins Option Unavailable

Error "Error from Hive: error code: '40000' error message: "Error while processing statement: FAILED" Refreshing Extract

Median Function Unavailable

Editing a Published Data Source

Using One License for Two Tableau Desktop Installations

Displaying a Value, Subtotal, and Grand Total in the Same View

Error "DataSourceException: Database error 0x80040E4D: Authorization Failed" Refreshing SAP BW Extract

Calculated Field Returning Incorrect Results

Replacing Null Literals

Copying a Dashboard from One Workbook to Another

Creating a String List to Display in a Tooltip

Removing "Abc" Placeholder Text

Error "Bad int64 value" Using FLOAT() on a String field in Google BigQuery

Error "Internal Error - An unexpected error occurred and the operation could not be completed" Connecting to Data Source


Keep the feedback coming, we love making the knowledge base better for you!

Happy New Year!

Have you ever wondered what happens if you fill out the little survey at the bottom of articles in Tableau's Knowledge Base?

Your feedback on Knowledge Base articles is delivered anonymously to Tableau Support's content managers. here are the articles we updated in December based on your feedback:

Asterisks Display in Tooltips

Displaying Color Legends

Receiving Sync Client Errors While Refreshing Extract After Upgrading Tableau Desktop

Comparing Two Date Ranges from the Same Data Set on One Graph

Changing the Default Tableau Version Used to Open Files

Export Data and Crosstab Options Are Unavailable

Error "Tableau failed to create an extract" When Connecting to Google Analytics

Filtering the Secondary Data Source Independent of the Primary

Creating a Button to Select All Filters in a Dashboard

Stored Procedures are Unavailable when Connecting to Oracle Data Source

"Verifying Tableau" Message Persists and Install Does Not Complete

Aggregating at a Different Level than the Linking Field when Blending

Error "Function flxActCommonRepairLocalTrustedStorage returned error (50044, 71013, 19810)" Restoring from Time Machine on a Mac

Quick Filters Change to Multiple Values (List) After Replacing Data Source

Displaying Row Labels for Each Row in a Crosstab View

Download Data and Crosstab Options Unavailable

Unable to Apply Separate Aggregations to Row and Column Grand Totals

Month Over Month Difference As a Percentage

Error 'Worker initialization failed" Installing Tableau Server Without Worker

Editing the Alias of a Color Legend

Configuring Parallel Queries in Tableau Desktop

Error "Sign In Failed"  On Login Screen in Browser After Upgrading Tableau Server


Keep the feedback coming - we love making the knowledge base better for you!

We've received a ton of great feedback about the new features in Tableau 10.1 since its release a few weeks ago. If you haven't had time to upgrade yet though, there are a few hidden gems still waiting for you:




That's right, we’ve given our Tableau Server help a facelift (and much else besides)! We hope you find this format more useful than our previous versions. The most visible change is that we’ve moved the navigation to the top of the page. We’ve reorganized the help according to roles (User, Site, and Server) so you can navigate through the content that is useful for you and the tasks you need to complete. See Get Started with Tableau Server to learn more about these roles and how we’ve organized our content.



The new format provides other improvements that are not as visible. As Tableau data nerds, we noticed that 70% of the traffic entering the Help site comes from Google. But the old content experience sent all that Google traffic to navigation-free versions of Help pages that often looked like dead-ends. Now, folks coming from Google see top- and side-nav menus that provide helpful context. This new nav structure has also motivated us to help Google users in other ways, such as combining content in longer articles to make it more likely that the first page people hit contains information relevant to them.



Tableau is also embracing mobile workflows, and this new Help layout provides a far better experience on mobile devices. The search box appears right up top rather than nested in a menu, the navigation menu requires fewer clicks, and the text is easier to read on a small screen.




We’ll continue to make more improvements in future releases. Got feedback or ideas on how to make our content better? We want it. Please use the blue feedback bar on the top of any page (Was this page helpful?) to open the comment field and submit your feedback.