• Replace Blank Dashboard Charts With a Text Field

    269 votes
    For a dashboard containing multiple chart types, when there is an instance in the data where there are no records, instead of the chart being blank there needs to be a text field showing "N/A" or some other user defin...
    David Pope
    last modified by David Pope
  • Formatting legends: wrapping texts

    325 votes
    When legends have categories that are very long (lots of words), the categories always get cut off at the end/edge instead of wrapping around. I know I can make it float or make the legend longer but I think it would ...
    David Oh
    last modified by David Oh
  • Add or move layout containers using the Layout Pane

    133 votes
    Layout containers help a lot with format and make it really easy to do some resize stuff but unless you put a ton of planning into your layouts before adding any visualizations it becomes difficult to add them. Furthe...
    Jerimiah Kent
    last modified by Jerimiah Kent
  • Use layout to relocate containers

    85 votes
    When I design dashboards, sometimes I just put the worksheets on the dashboards, and they layout properly. As I move forward, I relocate sheets, sometimes containers.   One of the things that drives me nuts is r...
    Michel Roberge
    last modified by Michel Roberge
  • Sort/Move Worksheets in Layout Pane

    25 votes
    I have a dashboard with multiple floating containers and trying to get worksheets into the right container and the correct order is a pain. I would love to be able to move/sort the worksheets within and between contai...
    John Linville
    last modified by John Linville
  • Organising Sheets in the Dashboard Layout Sidebar

    81 votes
    Once you add items to a complex dashboard i.e. dozens of containers in a hierarchy, I find myself spending a lot of time getting the item (text, worksheet) going into the correct container.   I would love to be ...
    Toan Hoang
    last modified by Toan Hoang
  • Container: Move items within layout hierarchy

    4 votes
    Tableau: I believe the majority of the community would agree that navigating and designing within layout containers is frustrating to say the least. One idea I have to assist is to enable the ability for the user to ...
    Matthew Boyd
    last modified by Matthew Boyd
  • Dashboard Item Hierarchy Improvements

    128 votes
    The Item Hierarchy seems like it is something that is often overlooked by most dashboard authors. I find it pretty useful, especially when you have a complex dashboard with many layout containers.   A couple thi...
    Corey Turner
    last modified by Corey Turner
  • Allow Oracle Public Synonyms to Be Visible in the Schema They Are Referenced In

    10 votes
    Oracle Synonyms can be used to provide access to tables from one schema to another schema.  Unfortunately, Tableau doesn't recognize the Synonym Tables that exist in the schema that contains the synonym table ref...
    Phillip Kesling
    last modified by Phillip Kesling
  • Smarter Number Abbreviations

    27 votes
    I create executive dashboards for a very large company.  One major feedback I continue to get is why the abbreviations can't dynamically switch from K, to M, to B etc...  Our company is large and our viz's c...
    C H
    last modified by C H
  • Formatting of the pdf subscription

    7 votes
    Please add the possibility to change the format of the pdf subscription, just like the possibility at Download PDF.   Thank you Matthias
    Matthias Schäfer
    last modified by Matthias Schäfer
  • Ability to join Tableau Server data sources

    In Review
    1153 votes
    I would love the ability to join Tableau Server Data sources.   Use case: I published a SQL view containing transaction information to Tableau and another containing account information.  Right now if I wa...
    Elan Sofer
    last modified by Elan Sofer
  • Enable calculated fields (join calcs) on Relationships

    12 votes
    Relationships is a great feature, however we cannot use calculated fields to establish them. Making this available would be a big improvement, the first thing I thought when I saw this feature was being able to freely...
    Ricardo Pires
    last modified by Ricardo Pires
  • Easily Find Worksheets using a Data Source

    121 votes
    It would be great to be able to select a data source in a workbook and easily find out which worksheets are using that data source
    last modified by amy.dombrowski
  • Don't List Rename Changes when Connecting to Published Datasources

    4 votes
    When connecting to a datasource published to Tableau Server from Tableau Prep Builder (TPB), currently every name change that was made before the published datasource was published is listed as a change in TPB. This c...
    Esther Aller
    last modified by Esther Aller
  • Allow Show Empty Rows / Columns when secondary source dimensions are used in view

    146 votes
    With the release of Tableau 8.1, the ability to "Show Empty Rows" (or columns) was removed when you use a secondary data source. This functionality was available in versions 8.0 and 7.0 but was disabled (greyed out) i...
    Robin Kennedy
    last modified by Robin Kennedy
  • Seperate axis and tooltip formats

    247 votes
    Currently the axis and tooltip number formats for variables are linked. Changing the format of one necessarily changes the other. I suggest they be un-linked and separately controllable.   Use case: You are plot...
    Matt Johns
    last modified by Matt Johns
  • Tableau Prep : full in-database Workflow

    18 votes
    Tableau Prep is already a great tool to generate extract, but in my opinion it needs one thing : the full in-database . That would mean the data stay in the database and the workflow you build on Tableau, from the inp...
    Simon AUBERT
    last modified by Simon AUBERT
  • Allow non-rectangular annotation borders, such as ovals and circles

    1 vote
    Currently, Tableau could be better at allowing you to annotate a group of marks, say if there is a tight cluster of marks in a scatter plot for example.   You can annotate each individual mark which is tedious o...
    Alex Blakemore
    last modified by Alex Blakemore
  • Add TM1 as a Data source

    164 votes
    Ability to connect to TM1 as a data source.
    Derek Winter
    created by Derek Winter