• Limit the Measure Names that appear in Quick Filter

    411 votes
    I show the Measure Names Quick Filter so that Tableau Server users can select which measures to display. I only want to show them a selection of measures from the workbook, not all measures in use.   At this tim...
    Rebecca Sundquist
    last modified by Rebecca Sundquist
  • Allow Server Administrators To View As Other Users

    448 votes
    What is your idea?   Enable a feature which will allow Server Administrators to view Tableau Server as another user, or user level of permissions, in order to evaluate security.   What problem are you trying...
    last modified by adam.freeman.2
  • Stop Changing Filters & Colors When Replacing Data Source

    616 votes
    Stop Changing Filters & Colors When Replacing Data Source. That's really it. Every time I replace a data source many (not all) Multi-select drop down filters change to Multi-select lists. And many (not all) colors...
    Shawn Wallwork
    last modified by Shawn Wallwork
  • Be able to kill a database refresh task on the Tableau Server

    625 votes
    Sometimes for a variety of reasons, a refresh database query on the server may be running for too long and there is no easy way to gracefully kill the process. If Tableau server is to truly serve as an enterprise data...
    . Tdeane
    last modified by . Tdeane
  • 'IN' Operator equivalent

    785 votes
    I would like an equivalent to the SQL 'IN' operator.  Currently the only way to compare a list of values is by using an OR operator.  This is very cumbersome when comparing a large list of values.   For...
    Stephen Smirl
    created by Stephen Smirl
  • Custom Views Removed when Workbook/Datasource Changed: Improve Mapping

    208 votes
    The use of custom views is an amazing way to keep track of the information important to each user without duplicating effort relevant to each usage scenario. For example, A custom view allows a salesperson to keep tra...
    Andie Whitley LaMantia
    last modified by Andie Whitley LaMantia
  • Allow horizontal and vertical option to filter and parameter controls

    56 votes
    I would love to be able to have the option to change any filter or parameter control to vertical or horizontal, but in particular, the option for the slider control to position vertically and radio buttons to position...
    Kelly Martin
    last modified by Kelly Martin
  • The abiility to change default content permissions from "managed by owner" to "locked to the project" for new projects

    12 votes
    Currently, all projects are created with content permissions set to "managed by owner" by default. It would be great for governance purposes if admins have the ability to choose the default between "managed by owner" ...
    John Kuo
    last modified by John Kuo
  • Better R and Python Integration

    30 votes
    I have been unimpressed/disappointed with the current R "integration" through Rserve (it comes off as very hacky, unfortunately, and I do not trust its interface to scale properly with large data volumes dues to its d...
    last modified by john.radin
  • Allowing to set the default value for parameter

    893 votes
    Very helpful if you could allow to set the default value for parameter dynamically. Very big help to improve initial loading because all the required parameters are set to the expected values.   Here is the rel...
    created by rozvin.marchan
  • Python/R custom script for Prep

    16 votes
    Hello,   would it be possible to add custom nodes that would be scripts written in R or Python.   The advantage of this is that we would be able to leverage on powerful data prep package like pandas. We s...
    Abderrahim LAHMAÏMI
    last modified by Abderrahim LAHMAÏMI
  • Tableau Server + R Integration at the project/workbook level

    3 votes
    It would be beneficial to be able to set a more specific R connection at a lower level so different business groups can manage different R installations on the fly instead of submitting a change request for a master s...
    William Song
    last modified by William Song
  • Allow Custom SOQL on Salesforce Connector

    17 votes
    The Salesforce connector currently pulls each object separately and then joins the objects together. This results in massive over pulls. An extract could take up to 10 minutes to pull but would only take 10 seconds if...
    tim tim
    last modified by tim tim
  • Tableau Prep - Connect to Box Server

    22 votes
    You recently introduced the ability to connect Tableau Desktop to Box.  I'd love to see the same capability in Tableau Prep as I need to transform and prep some of the data I connect to on Box.  This would b...
    Chris Church
    last modified by Chris Church
  • ISMEMBEROF function only taking String literals

    252 votes
    I believe the ISMEMBEROF() function, at this point, only accepts string literals, it will be useful if we can pass variable here.   EDIT for clarity: We want to be able to pass a variable/field in the ISMEMBERO...
    Pijush Biswas
    last modified by Pijush Biswas
  • Allow admins to assign Favourites to server users, including via group membership

    0 votes
    It would be useful for server administrators to be able to assign favourites to users directly via the server UI to improve the ease of use for less technically literate users. This would remove the need for them to f...
    Nick Jastrzebski
    last modified by Nick Jastrzebski
  • Row height should have "can grow" feature

    468 votes
    Height increases to every row if I increase the row height. I like to have row height increase only if content is more. like "Can Grow" propertly in Crystal reports.   Thanks Reddy
    Venkata Kagitala
    created by Venkata Kagitala
  • Bring back sort workbooks by number of views

    2 votes
    Hi ,   We want users to see the workbooks ordered by most used workbook on top. We used have this feature until 10.5.X.   Thank you, Srikanth.V
    srikanth vadlamannati
    last modified by srikanth vadlamannati
  • Desktop Edition should remember db server passwords

    390 votes
    I understand that Desktop Edition does not store passwords in the workbook itself due to valid security concerns. But as a user, I connect to about a dozen different data sources, all with different credentials. Every...
    Rob Flickenger
    created by Rob Flickenger
  • Turn off load metadata when editing data source (SQL Server)

    52 votes
    It would save time to be able to do the following: Load metadata for all the tables in a database once when opening edit data source window Make multiple changes, i.e., add tables, change joins, rename tables Click...
    Sheryl Tufts
    last modified by Sheryl Tufts