• Tableau Prep: Connect to a Tableau Data Source

    516 votes
    I desperately need Prep to have the ability to connect to a Tableau data source. Both local (.tds, .tdsx) data sources, as well as published data sources hosted on Tableau Server. The use cases are not necessarily the...
    Matt Coles
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  • SPC/Shewhart Charts

    27 votes
    IDEA:     Provide Statistical Process Control (SPC, AKA Shewhart) charts as a chart option.   PROBLEM TO SOLVE:      Applies to Healthcare and Manufacturing industrie...
    Vicki Mittlestat
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  • Connect to Airtable

    25 votes
    It would be incredibly helpful if there were connections between Airtable and both Tableau Desktop and Tableau Prep. Currently I am exporting csv files from Airtable and then connecting to Tableau, but this process is...
    Allison Steel
    last modified by Allison Steel
  • Automatic animation of page on Public/Server

    776 votes
    You have to click every time you want to advance/animate through the pages when you post a workbook on Public or Server. This is a request to have the same 'play" feature you have on desktop.     **********...
    Alex Kerin
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  • Select multiple items on dashboard

    54 votes
    It would be really helpful to be able to select (CTRL+left click) multiple items on a dashboard in order to move them all at once in the case you are using floating.  There are other improvements in dashboards th...
    Lee Forst
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  • Multiple Selection & Grouping of Floating Objects for - Moving, Tiling, Add actions, Add filters, Change chart types etc...

    202 votes
    I'm a big fan of the new floating objects! It seems I use them almost exclusively. So when I get 10-20 floating objects on a page and find I need to move groups of them to make room for something else, I have to do th...
    Shawn Wallwork
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  • Ask Data: The ability to add "Ask Data" to Dashboards

    6 votes
    The idea would be to publish a dashboard, with all of the complex visualizations, and then allow the end user to ask questions on the dashboard.   Additionally, all filters that apply to the dashboard, could aut...
    Andre Salazar
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  • Go to a web-edit session directly from Ask Data

    3 votes
    Currently on Ask Data, you can have it compile a view but you have to save the view in a project, then navigate to it and start a web-edit session. However, it's very rare that you want a workbook with just one view i...
    Ravi Mistry
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  • Ask Data: Explore All Questions with more interaction

    8 votes
    Hey there,   I am playing around with Ask Data and I love it!   But I have feedback on the way questions are saved by Tableau Server: Right now a question is a workbook with a sheet. This is always the sa...
    Merlijn Buit
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  • Introduce data preview tooltips (as seen in Ask Data) for Tableau Desktop and Web Editor

    20 votes
    In the Ask Data interface there is an enriched tooltip which appears on hover over the dimensions and measures on the left of the pane. This shows a preview of the values which are in each dimension or measure. For in...
    Sarah Bartlett
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  • 16+ Dimensions in crosstab AND a free scroll bar

    In Review
    562 votes
    Tableau is currently limited to displaying 16 dimensions columns in a cross tab. There are no workarounds to this limit.   To quote Ben Schneiderman's Information Visualization: Mantra "Overview, zoom & filt...
    John Munoz
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  • Horizontal Scroll Bar on tables

    In Review
    1359 votes
    I often have large tables that exceed the width of the screen. While these are not for analysis/consumption, they are used as a staging point to create a new datasource. Sometimes I need to check the far right columns...
    Alex Kerin
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  • Control what displays in View Data

    1320 votes
    Users like the visualizations to find what's important and when they do they want to be able to see the record(s) to understand the issue.  The view data option works great for this, however it is filled with col...
    Darrin Schulte
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  • Different Columns Width

    1328 votes
    While I'd like to keep by default the current behaviour of column widths of text tables, it would be nice to also have the option to:   1. Fix the width of each column individually 2. Add a "Fit to content" opt...
    last modified by thierryjakircevic
  • Conditional Formatting of Measure Names/Measure Values

    1381 votes
    A common request in the forums is to be able to apply conditional formatting of Measure Names/Values, in other words something that approaches what MS Excel can do. Users have come up with various workarounds, includi...
    Jonathan Drummey
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  • Dynamic parameters

    In Review
    2783 votes
    This idea is currently being reviewed.   As the result of some further investigation, the idea has been broken up into 5 different scenarios as listed below. These scenarios have ideas associated with them and ...
    Tom Walter
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  • Only Relevant Values on Secondary Data Source

    428 votes
    It would be nice if when you blend two data sources, you could have the option to show "Only Relevant Values" on filters used from the secondary data source.  As it is right now (version 8) if you add filters fro...
    Karl Jensen
    last modified by Karl Jensen
  • Stop automatically creating tiled dashboard containers

    10 votes
    One dashboard layout issue that I keep running into is that Tableau will automatically create tiled containers when you align an element to an adjacent one in a different container. It'd be great if it would stop doin...
    David Li
    last modified by David Li
  • Layout Containers: use Edit Width and Height NOT Snap-to-Arrow.

    5 votes
    Snapping-to-arrows works great for tiled layouts.  However, if you want to take advantage of the capabilities of layout containers – snapping is a disaster.  Several benefits are lost including the for...
    Dick Holm
    last modified by Dick Holm
  • Improve keyboard tabbing for accessibility

    1 vote
    Currently tabbing to features on a tab will only pick up filters and visualisations. Text and other enhancements added to the visualisation cannot be tabbed to, creating a challenge in navigating the visualisations. P...
    Lisa Cornish
    last modified by Lisa Cornish