• Synchronize Sheets on Dashboard for Scrolling Purposes

    575 votes
    It would be great to have the option to synchronize multiple sheets on a dashboard for scrolling purposes.  A lot of our sheets are based on large date ranges by quarter.  We have data that can go as far bac...
    Joseph Duran
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  • Calculated fields based on parameters should function like parameters

    2 votes
    One of the advantages of parameters is that they can be plugged in anywhere, such as the dashboard title.  Parameter actions were a great addition because users can set parameters by clicking on a viz, adding a n...
    Paul Flannery
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  • Do not show white space on smaller published dashboards when larger dashboards exist in the same workbook

    16 votes
    I searched high and low for an existing idea on this, but the only ones I found were from 2012 and have been archived - though I am not sure why as this issue still persists.   I have 2 dashboard tabs in the sa...
    Kendra Allenspach
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  • Projects in Tableau Public

    28 votes
    One of my #data19 missions was to track down the Tableau Public team and ask about the current status of adding Projects to Tableau Public.   Not surprisingly, their reply was ... upvote the idea and to my shock...
    Chris McClellan
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  • Change to Interactor licensing requirements

    32 votes
    I have two challenges with Tableau Server, and both have to do with the way I have to use Interactor licenses. - As the IT manager, I am responsible for the administration of the server on which Tableau Server runs. ...
    Fabien Delpierre
    created by Fabien Delpierre
  • Tab Formatting

    39 votes
    There is a need to format worksheet tabs so they are more obvious to report consumers!. Furthermore, I have find that published worksheets do not retain the color settings on Tabs .  For example, from within Tabl...
    Robert Sinclair
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  • Coloured tabs for online dashboards

    27 votes
    Having coloured tabs in local worksheets was a good feature that was recently released.   Extending this functionality to online published dashboards would be useful.  Coloured tabs would help draw attentio...
    Chris Jokel
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  • Ask Data: The ability to add "Ask Data" to Dashboards

    9 votes
    The idea would be to publish a dashboard, with all of the complex visualizations, and then allow the end user to ask questions on the dashboard.   Additionally, all filters that apply to the dashboard, could aut...
    Andre Salazar
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  • Group Measure Names

    609 votes
    Often I have a need to create header fields that group measures in my crosstab reports (see below). This could be accomplished in an easy to understand way by allowing users to create group fields on "Measure Names". ...
    Mark Jackson
    created by Mark Jackson
  • Parameter or Filter for Storyboards

    411 votes
    I like the layout of storyboards, but find it frustrating that it is not possible to filter across all of the dashboards in a story. I had thought that this was the point of parameters. My users are finding it irritat...
    Eleanor Jarvis
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  • Rounded corner for Dashboard Layouts

    152 votes
    Can we get Rounded corner for Dashboard Layouts? More pleasing looks for dashboard!
    Mohanganeesh Dorairaj
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  • Rounded Corners

    11 votes
    So it's 2019. And majority of the world is not using shapes with sharp corners anymore. But uses shapes with rounded corners.   When will tableau follow the rest of the world and and ability to round corne...
    Elizabet Noga
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  • Rounded Bar Charts

    31 votes
    I know this may not be data viz best practice, but sometimes it's about finding that balance between showing the data and making it pop a bit more. I find often the presentation is just as important as the data that y...
    Matt Lee
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  • Update Parameter value list with every refresh

    12 votes
    It would be a relief to have a parameter value list (or range) auto updated when the data refreshes. When creating a parameter of Data type string with a value list, you can now fill it with values from a field, this...
    Hugo van der Flier
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  • Support NUMERIC type from BigQuery

    85 votes
    Support NUMERIC type from BigQuery.
    Jiayu Xu
    last modified by Jiayu Xu
  • Data Source Migration Tool

    23 votes
    Tableau Data Server Extracts have served me well to get my BI program off the ground. But I'm now at a point where I need to consider a dedicated analytics database solution like Vertica. I'd like to see a data source...
    Mark Jackson
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  • Export visualizations to SVG image format

    112 votes
    SVG image export will allow dynamic resizing of exported images which will help immensely with desktop publishing and compatibility with Adobe products. Also embedding into Microsoft Office products. A live embedded v...
    David Mautz
    last modified by David Mautz
  • When grouping data, allow aggregation of string fields via concatenation

    14 votes
    I do not see this option in the aggregate parameters.  Example below.   ID Code Value 1 D 1.1 1 C 1.5 1 E 2.6 2 C 1.8 3 D 1.2    Grouping by ID and Aggregating by Code and Values would produce:...
    James Alaly
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  • Edit data sources directly on server

    624 votes
    Hi,   Not sure if someone already posted a similar idea (did a quick search with no results), but I would like to be able to edit and manage my data sources directly on Tableau Server. Whenever I want to make a ...
    Geert Janssen
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  • Google AdWords (Google Ads) Connector

    27 votes
    Are you interested in connecting directly to your AdWords data from Tableau? Refreshing it on Server or Online? If so I'd really like to learn more about your use case and needs, please share them!   Drew Loika ...
    Drew Loika
    last modified by Drew Loika