• Custom Views Removed when Workbook/Datasource Changed: Improve Mapping

    213 votes
    The use of custom views is an amazing way to keep track of the information important to each user without duplicating effort relevant to each usage scenario. For example, A custom view allows a salesperson to keep tra...
    Andie Whitley LaMantia
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  • Measure Names/Values Variables...

    245 votes
    Here's another example of why it would be handy to know the Measure Names/Values variables: If only this were possible. And in this case it would at least be helpful to be able to put at parameter in the 'Title' fi...
    Shawn Wallwork
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  • Show header in text table with one measure

    170 votes
    Idea Make it easy to show header when text table only has one measure.     This is the second best "workaround" I know of (see the best in  this comment  by  Alberto Bertellino):   ...
    last modified by kettan
  • Conditional Formatting of Measure Names/Measure Values

    1436 votes
    A common request in the forums is to be able to apply conditional formatting of Measure Names/Values, in other words something that approaches what MS Excel can do. Users have come up with various workarounds, includi...
    Jonathan Drummey
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  • Only Relevant Values on Secondary Data Source

    466 votes
    It would be nice if when you blend two data sources, you could have the option to show "Only Relevant Values" on filters used from the secondary data source.  As it is right now (version 8) if you add filters fro...
    Karl Jensen
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  • Google Calendar Connection

    5 votes
    Please add a connection to be able to connect to Google Calendar so that events can be pulled into Tableau to form Gantt charts etc.
    Grant Froelich
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  • Add JSON File connector to Tableau Prep

    110 votes
    Please add the JSON parsing capability To Tableau Prep, just like Tableau Desktop
    Frederic Pinchon
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  • Package Tableau Server / Worker in Linux Containers like Docker

    74 votes
    After having completed the server and architecture training I got some really good insight into the server software and underlying technology. I think that this is absolutely begging for a Linux version particularly ...
    Kire Prostizenovski
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  • Limit the Measure Names that appear in Quick Filter

    422 votes
    I show the Measure Names Quick Filter so that Tableau Server users can select which measures to display. I only want to show them a selection of measures from the workbook, not all measures in use.   At this tim...
    Rebecca Sundquist
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  • Replace Blank Dashboard Charts With a Text Field

    203 votes
    For a dashboard containing multiple chart types, when there is an instance in the data where there are no records, instead of the chart being blank there needs to be a text field showing "N/A" or some other user defin...
    David Pope
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  • Print PDF - choose Dashboard

    122 votes
    Currently when printing a part of a dashboard, only prints single page, what is displayed on the screen therfore if the list can scroll then data that is no visible was lost. The desired behavior prints all even and d...
    Jorge Bartra
    last modified by Jorge Bartra
  • Print All Pages Option - Syncronized Page Shelf on Dashboard

    58 votes
    I would like to easily be able to print all of the pages for a dashboard, using the page shelf value as a page break, rather than just the visible page.  This option works great for a single worksheet (see attach...
    Catherine Brown
    last modified by Catherine Brown
  • Default Font In Preferences

    4 votes
    Add functionality to add default font styles & sizes to the Preferences file in My Tableau Repository.
    Kenneth Lazor
    last modified by Kenneth Lazor
  • Disable Ask Data For All Data Sources Setting for Administrators

    38 votes
    Currently there is not a supported or documented way to turn off or disable the ask data feature for all data sources, without also turning off the web edit feature.  I would like to propose a setting be added fo...
    last modified by russiam
  • Word Wrap! for Calculated Field Editor

    34 votes
    Please give the option to wrap words to the next line instead of hiding them to the right when creating long formulas.  (like MS Notepad)   Thanks in advance!        
    Alex Svetlev
    last modified by Alex Svetlev
  • Better Permissions Control

    19 votes
    I'm a big fan of the way Tableau grants access to content, the ability for the admin to control it both in terms of web editing or just pre created dashboards. We've been doing this successfully with Web Editing in th...
    David Pires
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  • Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification exam procedure improvements

    0 votes
    Hi,   Two days back I took Tableau Certification for desktop specialist and found few challenges in the way it's organized which I wish to bring to your notice.   1) The Virtual Machine is not user comfort...
    last modified by SREEKANTH KARANGI
  • Maximize and Minimize view in dashboard

    2 votes
    Hello Team,   One of my requirement is to have a button/click with which user should be able to max/minimize the view of workbooks in the dashboard. For example, in PowerBI, Focus mode can solve this requirement.
    Ferris Yin
    last modified by Ferris Yin
  • Option to find the list of sheets connected to a data source in Tableau

    4 votes
    Scenario: I have created 10 sheets using 3 data sources. When I attempted to close one of the data sources, Tableau is not showing the list of sheets/calculations which may impact due to this attempt.
    Sri Kumaran Thirupathy
    last modified by Sri Kumaran Thirupathy
  • Okta SCIM Connector for Tableau Server

    1 vote
    This feature is available in Tableau Online.   Please Please add to Server version.   We host Tableau Server in AWS and utilize Okta as our IdP and creating automation to synch these is very challengin...
    Chris Mellin
    last modified by Chris Mellin