• Tableau Prep - Connect to REST APIs

    24 votes
    Prep would be the perfect tool to reach out and pull in data from across the web and process it for use in Tableau. Desktop doesn't really allow me to do this - Web Data Connector isn't nearly convenient enough. So ...
    Sheel Bhatiani
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  • More scheduling options for Tableau Server

    162 votes
    It would be great if the scheduling options could be expanded a little on the Tableau Server.   As a simple example - often times I'd like to schedule a workbook to update on "The first Tuesday of the month." Th...
    Nat Lutz
    last modified by Nat Lutz
  • Add CSV export to Subscriptions

    207 votes
    Please add the ability to send a PDF or CSV file with a subscription.   We have multiple cases where we have mobile users who need access to certain reports when they may not be able to get direct access to Tabl...
    Alex Braun
    last modified by Alex Braun
  • Print PDF - choose Dashboard

    147 votes
    Currently when printing a part of a dashboard, only prints single page, what is displayed on the screen therfore if the list can scroll then data that is no visible was lost. The desired behavior prints all even and d...
    Jorge Bartra
    last modified by Jorge Bartra
  • Return “Data Source Time” field functionality back to its original usage

    34 votes
    Idea placed on behalf of my end users.   Issue It appears that Tableau changed functionality for the “Data Source Time” field. When using a Tableau Server data source, the field no longer shows the da...
    Toby Erkson
    last modified by Toby Erkson
  • Allow y-axis to be moved to the right of the graph

    47 votes
    Allow the y-axis to be moved to the right of the graph. A right click on the axis and align > right or something similar would be nice.
    David Mautz
    last modified by David Mautz
  • Tableau Connector for Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB

    12 votes
    There is currently no default connector for Microsoft Cosmos DB. Looking at the forum this has been asked for a few times, with no idea raised.   There is currently an ODBC driver, that doesn't work with most se...
    chris monger
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  • Remove Gaps in Views and allow control over the axis range

    71 votes
    EDITED: Changed to have control over axis range for all chart types and not just Area charts.   Hi:   When the visualizations are created, there is some buffer added to the axis instead of starting and end...
    KK Molugu
    last modified by KK Molugu
  • Rename AD Groups

    16 votes
    We have recently changed the name of some of the AD Groups we have created to control our Tableau Users (e.g. changing Tableau Publisher to Tableau Creator, to reflect the new license levels). But once we changed the ...
    Alan Huddart
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  • Support IP ranges for trusted authentication

    75 votes
    This would enable single sign-on for embedded Tableau objects within SalesForce. Many SalesForce implementions have > 4,000 IP addresses for inbound servers.
    last modified by magda.gianola
  • User Impersonation by Tableau Admin

    96 votes
    When the Tableau Administrator would like to see access levels for specific permission settings of users, the option of being able to impersonate any user is unavailable currently in Tableau Server.
    Moe Ghorab
    last modified by Moe Ghorab
  • Show suspended tasks in the task window.

    24 votes
    There needs to be a change the handling of suspended tasks. We had a database issue which means that for 24 hours extracts that used that data source were failing. After 5 attempts the extracts have been suspended....
    Matt Francis
    last modified by Matt Francis
  • Dynamically Change Server Settings without Restart Requirement

    6 votes
    It would be very beneficial if we could dynamically change certain server settings without having to either stop or restart Tableau Server services.  For those types of services that require a restart, allow a ro...
    Jason Zondor
    last modified by Jason Zondor
  • Web Data Connector for Tableau Prep

    210 votes
    A web data connector with functionality and support the same as Tableau Desktop. Basis should be in either JSON or Google Analytics (or both)
    Kym Miller
    last modified by Kym Miller
  • Support NUMERIC type from BigQuery

    124 votes
    Support NUMERIC type from BigQuery.
    Jiayu Xu
    last modified by Jiayu Xu
  • Backing up Tableau Server without Extracts

    59 votes
    It would be awesome, with a possibility to backup Tableau Server without any Extracts as large Extracts can make the backup-process quite long, and thereby cause an unnecessary downtime on a server.   Cheers, K...
    Kasper Ulvedal
    last modified by Kasper Ulvedal
  • Save http request headers to PostgresDB

    3 votes
    Create an option in Tableau server that allows an admin to configure specific http request headers to be saved into the PostgresDB. Or just save all the request headers if enabling the configuration of specific header...
    Rob Jamison
    last modified by Rob Jamison
  • Hide other user's subscriptions in tableau online

    14 votes
    We have workbooks created in Tableau Online and users can subscribe. We want to hide from users what other users are subscribed to.
    Diego Luis
    last modified by Diego Luis
  • Local Variables in Calculated Fields

    72 votes
    Maybe my background in Crystal Reports has made me extremely lazy, but I've gotten used to and really liked the ability to declare local variables inside calculated fields in Crystal and really miss it since moving ov...
    Ryan Rowland
    last modified by Ryan Rowland
  • No extra space below zero unless view has negative marks

    29 votes
    What Please add an option if an axis should start from zero when no negative values are in a view.   Why It removes uncertainty about view having negative marks or not It is visually more pleasant It ...
    last modified by kettan