• Fuzzy join (in Tableau Prep)

    23 votes
    Provide fuzzy join functionality in Tableau Prep.  The fuzzy match when cleaning is good.  I also need the ability to join data sets using fuzzy logic with an adjustable match scoring parameter.
    Lawrence Roakes
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  • Different Columns Width

    1454 votes
    While I'd like to keep by default the current behaviour of column widths of text tables, it would be nice to also have the option to:   1. Fix the width of each column individually 2. Add a "Fit to content" opt...
    last modified by thierryjakircevic
  • Action Filter on Grand Totals

    96 votes
    Hi Guys,   I think having action filters work on the grand totals would be a great help. Currently we have several reports all which need drill through to work on the totals as well. The only workaround we hav...
    Thirumagal Balasundararaj
    last modified by Thirumagal Balasundararaj
  • Enable printing of Tableau charts embedded in a web page...

    49 votes
    I have dashboards embedded/shared in web pages. Here's an example: http://www.ey.com/GL/en/Industries/Financial-Services/Banking---Capital-Markets/Global-consumer-banking-survey-2012--Foster-greater-loyalty-and-...
    last modified by thomasvarela1
  • Allow Multiple Custom SQL Datasets to join

    6 votes
    Allowing Multiple Custom SQL Datasets (and ability to rename them) to joinAllow Multiple Custom SQL Datasets to join would increase the developers control over Datasets. We have a huge data warehouse with years of dat...
    Jayann Goodman
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  • Update Parameter value list with every refresh

    11 votes
    It would be a relief to have a parameter value list (or range) auto updated when the data refreshes. When creating a parameter of Data type string with a value list, you can now fill it with values from a field, this...
    Hugo van der Flier
    last modified by Hugo van der Flier
  • Parameters and Case statements to be automatically updated

    32 votes
    Currently Parameters do not take into account the data in each dimension and whether that changes or not. This is a suggestion in hope to see this implemented at some point.   As an example if you have a dimens...
    David Pires
    last modified by David Pires
  • Allow Export to PDF paper size default to be changed based on Regional Settings

    21 votes
    Duplicate of: http://community.tableausoftware.com/ideas/1118 - please vote on existing Idea!       Export to PDF from a Server dashboard and views currently uses Letter paper size as default. It is no...
    Eric McDonald
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  • Set / Change default country for map

    9 votes
    Idea: Possibility to change the default country for locations/geographic roles   Context: We are located in The Netherlands. All our data is 'local'. So when we use 'zip code' as a geographic roll, we want the...
    Matthijs Blenkers
    last modified by Matthijs Blenkers
  • Date filter: Allow end user to switch between relative dates and range of dates

    334 votes
    It would really be great if in Tableau Server there would be a date filter that allows the end user to switch between relative dates and ranges of dates.   Currently there is 2 distinct type of date filter. If I...
    Patrice Collette
    created by Patrice Collette
  • Allow Action Filters on Story

    93 votes
    Hi Tableau Engineers,   I would like to request to enable dashboard action filters on Story level.   Issue: We are building enterprise scale dashboards that use a lot of action filters (Menu) to navigate ...
    Angel Sinha
    last modified by Angel Sinha
  • Sizing/Positioning of Subscription images

    19 votes
    Sizing. Resolution. Positioning settings too maybe (like spacing between images, layout pattern, etc.)?   Currently, only Fixed size dashboards send subscription images with the same size as the dashboard. All...
    James Han
    last modified by James Han
  • Add Dark Theme For Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server etc.

    196 votes
    Hi there,   Spending 6 hours per day in Tableau Desktop would be nice to have a Dark Theme. It can cover: Dark Theme adoptions for interfaces and for dashboards as well User can select in which color theme he...
    Egor Larin
    last modified by Egor Larin
  • Conditional Formatting of Measure Names/Measure Values

    1480 votes
    A common request in the forums is to be able to apply conditional formatting of Measure Names/Values, in other words something that approaches what MS Excel can do. Users have come up with various workarounds, includi...
    Jonathan Drummey
    last modified by Jonathan Drummey
  • Support NUMERIC type from BigQuery

    81 votes
    Support NUMERIC type from BigQuery.
    Jiayu Xu
    last modified by Jiayu Xu
  • User Impersonation by Tableau Admin

    94 votes
    When the Tableau Administrator would like to see access levels for specific permission settings of users, the option of being able to impersonate any user is unavailable currently in Tableau Server.
    Moe Ghorab
    last modified by Moe Ghorab
  • Ability to join Tableau Server data sources

    988 votes
    I would love the ability to join Tableau Server Data sources.   Use case: I published a SQL view containing transaction information to Tableau and another containing account information.  Right now if I wa...
    Elan Sofer
    last modified by Elan Sofer
  • Concatenate field values across rows into comma-separated list

    179 votes
    Very often we've got a set of values across different rows (could be records or could be query results) and want to generate a comma (or other) separated list. One use case is where we want to show all values in a tit...
    Jonathan Drummey
    last modified by Jonathan Drummey
  • Domain padding: user controlled values for min/max

    69 votes
    Currently, domain padding (what you get by turning on Show Missing Values for dates or bins) only works between the minimum and maximum range of values in the particular pane. For example, in the attached workbook the...
    Jonathan Drummey
    created by Jonathan Drummey
  • Allow always showing drill down and up plus/minus buttons on server

    159 votes
    Drill down and up buttons are hidden by default. The user needs to hover in just the right place to make them appear. Sometimes it's hard to find that place, and most of the time users just don't even know it's there....
    Sam Gechter
    last modified by Sam Gechter