• LISTAGG aggregate function

    35 votes
    only mention I found to this was a comment on somewhat related thread: https://community.tableau.com/ideas/4538#comment-15456 I would like a Tableau counterpart to Oracle aggregate function LISTAGG: https://www.techo...
    Justin Larson
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  • Dimensionally Modeled Extracts

    194 votes
    Idea Add special fact & dimension server extracts designed to work efficiently together, so data development only needs to be made once. This would advance Tableau by leaps and bounds as an Enterprise solution. &...
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  • Allow users to set bar, line, shape, and padding widths by pixels or percents

    59 votes
    Currently Tableau offers limited control over chart design. Allowing users to set exact pixel widths or percentages for bars, lines, shapes, and padding within charts, will allow greater design precision and lead to c...
    Skylark  Macadamia
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  • Reset Parameters - Set Default / Reset to Default / Clear Default

    70 votes
    For Tableau Desktop --   Add a new control/module for dashboards that lets the designer set the default value of all parameters on the dashboard and provides a button for the end user to press to reset all param...
    Jack Rubin
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  • Have "Range of Date" slider update to most recent date

    128 votes
    Right now if you add a quick filter for a continuous date you have 3 options. Range of dates At least At Most   These don't work that well for data the updates frequently.   If you choose 'at least' the...
    Darin Friedrichs
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  • Option to Disable "Tableau Free training video" link on the home screen in Version 2019.2 server

    10 votes
      As per the new server release 2019.2 the user experience is completely redesigned .As this is a new option at home screen which holds a default (Learn Tableau Free Training Video) link .Which is not useful and...
    maanash saamal
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  • User Display Names for Multiple 'Last, First' Instances

    0 votes
    Hello -   I have a Tableau server environment where more than one user has the same display name. In many contexts, I'm not able to decipher who is who without digging in to find their username first in a separat...
    Scott Henry
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  • Size / Position of Tiled Objects (i.e.Non-Floating Objects) -> make pixel perfect

    55 votes
    WHY TILED OBJECT'S POSITIONING / SIZING IS GREYED OUT...???      Tiled Objects should be made Pixel Perfect. Please offer the ability to change the size and position numbers (x, y, w, h)   Any...
    Ron Eisenstein
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  • Relative Paths for Data Sources

    121 votes
    Say there is a Tableau workbook at /Users/me/myworkbook.twb, connected to a csv data source at /Users/me/mydata.csv. Currently, data sources are specified in .twb files as full paths (e.g. /Users/me/mydata.csv). This ...
    Aloysius Lim
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  • Tableau Prep: Flow Summary Overview

    51 votes
    What is your idea?   Have an easy to read summary of all the actions/changes as the data moves through the flow that can be exported into a PDF with supporting diagrams. Can be as simple as take existing step n...
    Neil Miller
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  • Tableau Server Extract Refresh History

    7 votes
    Tableau Server would be better if it has a Extract Refresh History. In my case handling the Tableau Server of our company, I make sure that the extracts and worksheets has its latest data as schedule.   Now th...
    Bryan Fernandez
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  • Tableau Prep Conductor cheaper

    7 votes
    I alredy have a budget to get Tableau PrepConductor to schedulle automatic refresh for all our flows. The licenses are so expensive with a min of 100 license to buy, 1 license 5.50 USD. It`s completelly insane. Even ...
    Juan Camilo Rojas
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  • Make Tool Tip Display Time Configurable Option

    70 votes
    I created some "help" tooltips that provide information about a dashboard I designed. The length of time the Tool Tip screen appears is too short (about 8 seconds) for someone to read all the text. I looked at the onl...
    last modified by barb.bovberg
  • Select multiple items on dashboard

    63 votes
    It would be really helpful to be able to select (CTRL+left click) multiple items on a dashboard in order to move them all at once in the case you are using floating.  There are other improvements in dashboards th...
    Lee Forst
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  • MIN( expr1, expr2, ... expr_n )

    68 votes
    What Please extend MIN and MAX(expr1, expr2) to support more than 2 expressions:   MIN( expr1, expr2, ... expr_n ) MAX( expr1, expr2, ... expr_n )   It would be helpful if it had an option for ignoring n...
    last modified by kettan
  • Tableau Prep - Terminate Queries via Stop button, Refresh Data button, or Timeout

    70 votes
    It would be helpful for Tableau Prep to include a stop button to terminate a database query, build such functionality into the Refresh Data button, or incorporate some sort of query timeout.   For example, if yo...
    Tim Anderson
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  • Allow switching off auto-update (flow execution) in Prep

    73 votes
    Tableau Desktop allows to switch off auto-update, which is quite handy when I need to apply a series of changes that will each be computationally expensive but I don't need to see any itermediate results, just the fin...
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  • Restore previous data extract

    9 votes
    Updating a data extract sometimes goes wrong, causing workbooks to malfunction. However you can't go back to the previous data extract (when everything was still working OK in most cases).   Current situation T...
    Bart Jutte
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  • Format Function for Different Number Formats in Calculated Fields

    88 votes
    It would be great to have a 'Format Function' in Tableau. The purpose of such a function would be to allow a user to easily attach different number formats to different values in a calculated field. For example, I am ...
    Christian Reiner
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  • Apply number formatting inside a calculated field

    856 votes
    I need to be able to take numbers and apply number formatting to them based on the logic of my calculation.  The number formatting should be exactly the same as the "Custom" formatting that tableau does now. ...
    Russell Lamb
    created by Russell Lamb