• Parameter list - Not Updating automatically when data is updating

    19 votes
    Hi,   When the back end data is updating, list parameter is not updating automatically. This is important functionality in tableau because in some scenario we have to use parameter instead of Quick filter.  ...
    Ratan Roy
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  • Update Parameter value list with every refresh

    10 votes
    It would be a relief to have a parameter value list (or range) auto updated when the data refreshes. When creating a parameter of Data type string with a value list, you can now fill it with values from a field, this...
    Hugo van der Flier
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  • Enable SSO support in Tableau Desktop with Integrated Windows Authentication (not only Forms Based)

    5 votes
    Currently, SSPI and SAML authentication methods are not supported in Tableau Desktop. SSPI only works with SAML disabled which is not recommended.   Tableau Desktop ONLY supports SSO where forms based authentica...
    Samuel Bassey
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  • Salesforce connector for Tableau Prep with ability to write SOQL

    70 votes
    It would be helpful to add SalesForce connector to Tableau Prep. Also it will be good to provide ability to extract data using SOQL.
    Shriniwas Perle
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  • Allow Web Pages to be exported from Server and Desktop

    120 votes
    It would be awesome if we could see our web page object after we exported to a pdf or image from desktop and server...   here are some related posts...   Tableau Reader: Print To PDF...  Does Not Incl...
    Corey Turner
    created by Corey Turner
  • Ability to Subscribe to an Excel (DATA/CROSSTAB) format

    98 votes
    I know we can subscribe tableau viz, sheets, workbook at certain schedules to email. Yet, it is just like a snapshot of the viz and when you click it, it will bring you to the viz,workbook itself..   Would it be...
    Rodell Basalo
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  • Tableau Bridge for Mac users

    26 votes
    How about resolving the issue that mac platform users don't have the ability to use Tableau Bridge, by working out a solution for mac users that allows automated refresh of local data sources?   The help answers...
    Jason Price
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  • Format number as time duration

    208 votes
    What Support formatting of numbers (seconds, minutes, hours, days) as duration. How Support custom formatting such as:   data________ format_________________ result 232336 seconds [h]"t "mm"m "ss"s" 64t 32m ...
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  • Dynamic parameters

    In Review
    2942 votes
    This idea is currently being reviewed.   As the result of some further investigation, the idea has been broken up into 5 different scenarios as listed below. These scenarios have ideas associated with them and ...
    Tom Walter
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  • Proper string function - Proper()

    532 votes
    Hi,   It would be great if the developers can add a easily function - proper() function to capitalize the first letter of words. This is a basic function in almost all applications.   Many thanks, Minh &#...
    Minh Nguyen
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  • Ability to show dimension values on bottom in a grouped bar graph

    19 votes
    If you have a grouped bar chart in Tableau, the dimension names are shown at the top.  Best practice is to display names along the bottom axis.
    Scott Eaton
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  • Dimension Names pill (or All Fields pill)

    23 votes
    What: Provide Dimension Name Pill to be able to filter Dimensions in our report. It can behave just like a Measure Names pill. Or even better, give a new pill All Fields and this pill should be able to select/desele...
    Rahul Upadhye
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  • Tableau Server Subscriptions: Add size (x by y)

    472 votes
    The image sent with a subscription in Tableau 8 Server is a great first start, but alas the image is always of poor resolution when the dashboard is set to Automatic. It would be much better to be able to specify an i...
    Jim Thompson
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  • Permissions for individual schedules

    11 votes
    Currently when I create a new schedule on Tableau Server, everyone with scheduling permissions can use that schedule.   However, I would like to create several high-priority schedules that only the admins can ac...
    Daniel Teo
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  • Add user security to schedules

    108 votes
    When a schedule is created on Tableau Server all users who have publisher permissions can use any schedule. This is a problem when you have mid-day extract refreshes for things like published data sources but you want...
    Michael Moore
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  • Groupings / Venn diagram

    192 votes
    A venn diagram viz type would be fantastic!   Also, if you could use the venn diagram categories (i.e. category A, category A+B, category C) available so you could use them in calculations.  This would be&#...
    Hannah Moore
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  • Displaying images in tree map

    10 votes
    Currently I'm displaying the Item names in the tree map. But the requirement is to have item images getting displayed in tree map instead of Item names. Is that possible? If so, how can it be achieved?
    Satya Vetri
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  • Make Explain Data Available on server without wed edit

    7 votes
    Tableau 2019.3 has a great Explain Data feature. However Explain Data is only available on server when server user does web editing. This ask is to make Explain Data work when user mouse over the data not only web edi...
    Mark Wu
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  • Pause Subscriptions for Vacation or Leave (Tableau Server & Tableau Online)

    42 votes
    A method to pause all subscriptions, alerts, etc for a customizable start and end date.  Will allow you to reduce the clutter in your inbox when away from the office for vacation, leave or other reasons.   ...
    Geoff Nelson
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  • Odoo ERP connection

    3 votes
    Odoo  is a widely extended corporate ERP, of course is based in a huge database with tons of interesting data, it has of course it's own dashboards, but for Tableau users are very limited. To work with tableau we...
    Enrique Rivera
    last modified by Enrique Rivera