• Don't show total when dimension has one sub-item

    454 votes
    What Please don't show total when dimension only has one sub-item. Said differently, show only total when dimension has at least two sub-items.   Why It avoids duplicated information It saves precious screen...
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  • Add Dark Theme For Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server etc.

    286 votes
    Hi there,   Spending 6 hours per day in Tableau Desktop would be nice to have a Dark Theme. It can cover: Dark Theme adoptions for interfaces and for dashboards as well User can select in which color theme he...
    Egor Larin
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  • Make Tooltips More Visual and Interactive for Maps

    3 votes
    I have a project that includes data from many people in different parts of the world. I create maps. Imagine a map of the world's biologists.   Currently, when I hover over each person's data marker, in the Tool...
    Mamie Wong
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  • Give more access to people using tableau public on forum content

    4 votes
    Hi,   One of the best ways to participate in the learning process is to contribute via the forums. It makes you think re a particular discussion and it helps you organize your thoughts and produce a coherent res...
    neil van asselt
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  • Make Tableau Desktop Work with a Tableau Server Protected by a Reverse Proxy with SAML Login

    79 votes
    Our Tableau servers are, for security reasons, located on premises in our intranet – well protected by firewalls and proxies. We allow limited access from the internet, secured via a reverse proxy that enforces ...
    Bernd Schmalz
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  • Building Table Views is Sometimes Frustrating

    0 votes
    At the moment, creating a simple table view in Tableau is often an excruciating task.   Some of the missing features are: 1. Ability to rename every column of the table without changing the actual column name n...
    Alexander Zaidelson
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  • Tableau Server Subscriptions: Add size (x by y)

    520 votes
    The image sent with a subscription in Tableau 8 Server is a great first start, but alas the image is always of poor resolution when the dashboard is set to Automatic. It would be much better to be able to specify an i...
    Jim Thompson
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  • Images in a text table

    52 votes
    I have image URLs from our webserver for each SKU, product as string and want to display that dimension value inside a text table as image in the column / row cell. Currently you can only display images dynamically us...
    Arnold Slabbekoorn
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  • Improve the Sheets Selection flow in Publish Workbook Dialogue

    0 votes
    The Sheets Selection flow Publish Workbook dialogue has a couple annoying deficiencies: 1. Issue: When publishing the dashboard to a different project, the Sheet selection is reset. For example if the user chose "Das...
    Alexander Zaidelson
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  • Training/eLearning Videos with Adjustable Speeds

    8 votes
    Most video players have the ability to adjust the speed of play, however this feature is not available on any videos that I've found.  I feel this should be an easy addition, so the videos can be adapted to diffe...
    Matthew Pettigrew
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  • Tableau Bridge for Mac users

    36 votes
    How about resolving the issue that mac platform users don't have the ability to use Tableau Bridge, by working out a solution for mac users that allows automated refresh of local data sources?   The help answers...
    Jason Price
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  • Default Horizontal Scroll Bar To Right

    20 votes
    From what I can tell, you can't default the horo scroll to the far right.  When working with a date/time dimension in the columns using a running total on the rows you can't change the sort without jackin' up the...
    Johnny Hass
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  • Ability To Display A Quick Filter Horizontally Instead Of Vertically

    402 votes
    Makes it easier to move a filter to the bottom of a dashboard and view the options available while providing more space for a chart or table.     ************************************************************...
    Joseph Pirraglia
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  • Add Qualtrics connection type

    76 votes
    We do a lot of surveys, both for current customer satisfaction and for research into potential opportunities.  Being able to have that data readily available in Tableau to share with others would be amazing. ...
    Stephen Robertson
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  • Prep: Maintain column/field order in output

    63 votes
    Tableau Prep is being used for more than just loading into Tableau Desktop or publishing to Tableau Server/Online. At this time the order of fields as we see in the Profile pane in Prep is not necessarily maintained a...
    Jonathan Drummey
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  • Add tags to groups and allow filtering by tags

    2 votes
    Hello,   I'd like to be able to set multiple tags to groups that are used for different purposes (email subscriptions, permissions to projects, licensing, etc..). This would make managing and organizing the grou...
    Angelo Mejias
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  • Option to allow lines to connect across pane borders

    120 votes
    I get frustrated with the way Tableau breaks lines as they extend across panes (picture attached).  I often want to show a monthly view across multiple years and find the line breaks at each year mark.  If y...
    John Mogielnicki
    created by John Mogielnicki
  • Data Update Time - formatting and wider use

    279 votes
    My reports deal with financial information. This is fast changing and very time sensitive. It is vital for our users to know exactly when the data they're looking at was last updated (especially if we're using extract...
    Dana Withers
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  • Use Data update date in other places other than just in titles

    5 votes
    Currently, data update date time can be added to a title but there is no way of formatting this to just be the date, and it would be useful if you could place this piece of information in other places other than just ...
    Anoop Odedra
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  • Improve Tableau Community Sign In Experience

    33 votes
    Hi there,   I would like to ask to improve sign in experience for Tableau Community forum.   Let's ask together!   Current Desktop Experience (Google Chrome Version 80.0.3987.132 (Official Build) (64-...
    Egor Larin
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